Longest Short Week EVER!



That’s a photo of me and my dogs (well, one’s more of a blur in the background than anything else but they’re both there). We got back from our honeymoon Monday night and I don’t think I’d ever seen Foster that excited in his life. He’s stayed a little extra clingy this week, and who can blame him? Guy loves his mama. 

This work week was super short, only 3 days, but it feels like it’s been a lifetime. I’ve made some career decisions and intentions, I’ve partnered with a friend to make strides in my wellness platform, and we’ve gotten together with some great friends. And I am TIRED! We were supposed to FAC with some friends tonight, but I don’t know that I even have the energy to do that. Laying around the house with that dog and some takeout just sounds entirely more appealing. We’ll be having people over Sunday afternoon/evening to look at some photos from our trip and hang out, and I’ve got some house cleaning to do to prepare. We were gone for 11 days; you’d be amazed what dog hair can accumulate in that time! I’m also kind of nerdily excited to organize the house a bit. We have shower gifts we haven’t quite found a place for, and there’s a never ending struggle to find storage in the kitchen. It always seems like we could configure things better-what’s most used never seems to be in a convenient location. 

I’m also excited to get back to teaching at the YMCA. Tomorrow is my Power Pump class, and I’ve got a fun workout planned. We’re focusing on timing-how quickly or slowly you lift the weights, so it’s a lot of basic moves and a ton of reps. Putting together the soundtrack now-it’s going to be a 90’s dance party. 🙂 

Here’s hoping your weekend is excellent! 

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