Lets Play Footsie


Feet. Feet are gross. Feet get you where you need to be. But they are also the single part of your body that shows their wear the most, if you ask me. When Jeff and I got married, he referenced still loving me despite my icky runner’s feet. And he’s right. My poor feet are calloused, blistered, and I’m pretty good at dropping stuff on them so hard I actually bruise the tops of my feet.

The other day I did the unthinkable, and added a new layer of yuck to those things at the end of my shins. Wednesday was a really busy day for me. Work, straight to boot camp at the gym, quick clean up there and then on to a bachelorette party. Well, in the whirling dervish that is my morning routine (I HATE getting up early and pretty much allow as little time as possible to get out the door), I forgot my socks. Didn’t realize it until I got to the gym, and then I had a choice: skip boot camp and lose the best workout of my week, or shove those sneakers on and go without. I chose to go without socks and trudged on up to the gym.

That boot camp was brutal. It would have been tough even with socks, but my “handicap” added an element of danger. We had to run 1 lap around our track, do one set of stairs, and then 50 of a given exercise (burpees, squats, triceps…). Then up the ladder until it was 5 laps, 5 stairs, 50 exercises, and back down to 1. The laps around the track were obviously the worst-I could feel the blisters forming on my feet, but I made it through. Honestly, the worst part of this whole thing was the next day. I’m not afraid to admit, I got my shoes out the next day for an elliptical workout and about choked myself. SO, tough cardio workout without socks=stinky, stinky shoes for the foreseeable future. Dang!

My feet aren’t getting a break this weekend-it’s market to market! http://www.markettomarketrelay.com/ This race is a fun relay from Omaha to Lincoln, broken down into 20 segments. Teams of 6-8 take turns running their parts of the 78 mile course. My tally for the day will be 12.3 miles over 3 segments and the quarter mile finish all teams run together. There’s costumes, themes, and lots of tired people at the end of the day. I was reading another blog about how that runner totally skips the end of race party and just wants to go home at the end of a long day of running, and I’m totally the same way. Kristina and I drove all the way home from our half ironman immediately afterwards-getting to my own bed just sounds like the best thing ever. So my plan for Saturday is run, home, chinese, soapy tv. Sunday is the first episode of the new walking dead, and we’re having our best pals Jen & Alan over to watch. I may have to squeeze in some lunch and pedicures with my friend Lisa too-we’ve been craving some sandwiches at a fantastic restaurant here in Lincoln (Wilderness Ridge). My poor feet will definitely deserve some love before being “put away” for the winter. 🙂

How do you keep your feet from looking like they’ve been battered? Do you pedicure over the winter or just do basic maintenance?


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