Weekend Warrior


Good Morning! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. I’m still working through listening to my body and not putting it through unnecessary risks. My surgery is scheduled for this Friday, and although it’s a minor operation it still puts me in bed for most of the weekend. I’ve had endometriosis for over 10 years now, and never has it hit me this hard, this suddenly. Just amazing what toll being stressed out takes on your body and how it manifests. 

Friday night, I kept things low key and went to a dinner party with some friends. Carrie, Troy and the gang made sure I was laying on the couch with my heating pad and a samosa all night long. They put on a fabulous Indian spread with homemade paneer, chicken tikka, muligatawny soup, and naan. It was a great night, Jeff and I plan on returning the favor with an Italian spread soon. We really like the idea of a rotating Friday night FAC. whether it’s full dinner or just beers and a board game. We all enjoy celebrating the arrival of the weekend, but we’re also at the age where celebrating it at a bar is getting less fun. Much better to get all us girls in our comfy pants and hang out somewhere we can all hear each other talk. 

Saturday morning, I woke up feeling pretty OK. Drank some coffee to get me going and headed over to Lynette’s for our hike date. We had DELICIOUS breakfast sandwiches at Stauffer’s cafe first to fuel our journey. Those things are HUGE! Seriously, Lynette had sausage and I had bacon-they look a little like this: 


Kept me going until about 6 at night! Anyway, we hopped in the car and headed down to Indian Caves, one of our favorite places to hike. We grabbed a trail map when we checked in at the guard shack, but promptly forgot it once we got to our trail head. We did pretty well for a while, but ended up hopelessly lost. Made a bad call on which trail to take that led us to a meadow loop, followed by a long trek to the road and then 3 miles back to the car. Ended up going 10 miles and all of it was gorgeous! Great fall colors, nice weather, good company. Really glad I was able to make it. We got home and I cleaned up for date night with the hubby. I’ll let him tell the story of our dinner (fillyourbellywithgoodness.wordpress.com) but it was delicious. Popped up to a local tavern to say hi to some friends and then home to bed! 

Sunday was an interesting day. Woke up feeling pretty OK so I cleaned house and ran some errands. About halfway through my pain started kicking in but I soldiered through and got all our groceries for the week. Came home and had to power myself down and take a bit of a nap while the advil and heating pad did their thing. Got up and was a bit dizzy and sore but I’m just so sick of sitting around that I decided to go for a bike ride anyway. Wasn’t my fastest, didn’t feel the best, and basically felt like I was kneeing myself in a swollen ovary every pedal stroke for the last 2 miles but I was still glad I went. Downside was I had to stay home from a training session at the YMCA, but I needed that ride. Anyway, Jeff made chili and I baked a lemonade chiffon cake with Raspberry filling for our weekly dinner Monday night. Watched some TV and were lazy bums while I laid under the heating pad and called it a Sunday! 

Got a few new pieces of clothing yesterday to wear to work today-I’m all about being comfy these days. Got these leggings: 




And this sweater to go with them: 


Looks put together, feels like I’m in jammies. Win/win! 

Tonight, we have lady beer night to catch up with Sarah about her wedding and honeymoon, and then it’s Family Dinner with the gang. Lasagne, garlic bread, salad, and my cake. Going to be a great night! 

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