Comfort Food

Tomorrow’s the day! Headed in for my 8th laser laporoscopy for endometriosis at 8:45 AM. It’s a later arrival time than I’m used to-not quite sure what to make of that. I can’t seem to sleep much past 7-730 no matter how much I’d like to anymore, and I’m one of those strange people who inevitably wakes up starving. Even if I ate a big dinner and went immediately to bed, it’s all gone by morning and I’m looking for the next food source. Since I can’t eat or drink anything from 5:45 AM until surgery time (and I won’t be waking up THAT early), there’s a slight chance Jeff may have to put up with a cranky, uncaffeinated girl until they take me away to the OR. I’m thinking that Jeff will be able to sleep until it’s time to leave, and I may get up early and run a few errands. Loads to be done around the house and the last few things to get my name changed still need attended to. 


I plan on spending the rest of the weekend with the best Nurses a girl could have: Duncan & Foster. I don’t know if this is the case for everyone, or if my dogs are just weird, but they know when I’m sick. They really know when I’ve just had surgery-they’ve been with me for almost all of them. I think I’ll be spending the afternoon on our couch in the nice, dark basement so I suspect Duncan will be on the close side of the coffee table and Foster will stand guard on the far side. Add in Jeff helping take care of whatever I need that requires opposable thumbs and I’ll be a pampered girl! 

When you’re sick, what kind of food do you crave? My tastes vary pretty widely depending on what phase I’m currently in. I have always wondered why it is we all either want soup or think our sick friend should want soup. Is there really any health benefit to it, or is it the warm comfort the broth provides? I’m not taking any risks, so I think I’ll send Jeff for some pho when I’m able to eat again tomorrow. I’ve also been dreaming about breakfast pastries since our trek across Europe. Seriously, I got used to croissants, scones, and espresso in our brief stay there. That’s why Jeff and I got an espresso machine with all the credit card rewards dollars we earned from the wedding the second we got home. I also can’t help but worry-friends and family have some pretty major events planned this weekend and I’m sad I’m going to miss them. I also know myself well enough to know that there’s a chance I’m going to try and convince myself I’m well enough to go even when I’m not. Hopefully I’ll be smart enough to listen to my body, but anyone who knows me is aware of my stubborn streak. 

See you all on the other side of surgery; have a great weekend! 

2 thoughts on “Comfort Food

  1. I think people tend to think of soup when they’re sick because it’s easy to digest, it warms the body (especially important if you have the chills) and hot liquids tend to act as decongestants. As far as what I want–it depends what kind of illness I’m experiencing. If I have a cold, I tend to want stuff that’s highly flavored because it’s hard to taste much if you can’t breathe. Spicy stuff, greasy stuff, etc.

    One of my favorite soups that is both delicious and soothing is the Korean Seafood Soup that you can get at China Inn here in Lincoln. If it wasn’t like 12 miles across town from my house, I’d be eating a whole lot more of that stuff!

    Hope surgery goes well!! TAKE IT EASY!

  2. Good luck tomorrow, Laura. I know you’ll come through it just like any other endurance event – to the finish! Take it easy and soak up the love, and soup, from your posse.

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