Feels Like Starting Over


Another surgery in the books! This weekend I had my 8th laser laparoscopy for my endometriosis. We checked in at the surgical hospital around 8:00 Friday morning, and after lots of fidgety waiting, I got taken back around 10. Surgery was brief but went well-my doctor told Jeff there was lots of endometriosis and adhesions around my right ovary and along my uterus. We got me out of recovery and home around 12-1 in the afternoon. I don’t remember much at the surgery center except trying really, really hard to focus on the nurse giving me the discharge instructions. I was very sleepy and worried she wouldn’t let me go home if I didn’t stay awake!

I won’t lie, this surgery day hit pretty hard. I was sleepy and napping most of the day. I couldn’t hold any food down and got sick quite a few times. I finally, miserably, got into bed for good around 7 but couldn’t fall asleep until around 10. Saturday was better, but I was still pretty headachey and dizzy most of the day. I did manage to hold down some food and attend a friend’s Halloween party for a while, although my costume got downgraded from “Cha Cha from Grease” to “Outpatient”. Sunday was basically spent pushing my limits and then resting from it-got a lot of housework done, took a couple of good walks, and ran some errands.

Monday, I woke up pretty rested and feeling much more like my old self. I kept the day off because we’re going to drive up to Omaha and sign papers on Jeff’s new motorcycle today. Still a bit nervous taking on this big new financial investment, but it’s something he’s really wanted for a while now and I’m excited we can swing it for him. And today, I’m really feeling excitement to become a new version of myself. I feel like my fitness, while not completely lost, has been reset. Maybe it’s time to take different classes, although the base disciplines of running, biking, and weight lifting will always play a part. I want to include more yoga and pilates and see what that does for my body. I want to do things for my body because they make me stronger or faster or healthier, and not simply as a blind panic to burn as many calories as possible. I’m trying to drink more water and make slightly smarter food choices. Not saying I’m going to cut out caffeine or never eat dessert, but I’m going to try and make the choices that will fuel my journey the best.

Have a great Monday! Photos of the new bike next time!

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