Soul Asylum



So, I’m a thirty-something girl who went through quite the angsty period in high school. We moved fairly far away in the middle of my Sophomore year, I bounced through about every clique in the school trying to find where I fit, and my mom gave birth to my only sibling about 2 months shy of my 16th birthday. Having strangers ask you questions about “your” baby when you’re still a 16 year old virgin petrified at the thought of any naked interaction with a boy? Yeah, that won’t scar you for life or anything. Anyway, that’s a long story to get to the barely related point that there’s probably going to be more than a couple of grunge references sprinkled over the blog. Whatever, a little Nirvana never killed anyone….right? 

The whole reason for the grunge reference today was that I took two AWESOME classes at my gym yesterday that ended with me singing “Misery” to myself and wishing the clock would speed up and deliver me from hell. First up was Renee’s always challenging Power CSI class over lunch. She formatted her class with 3/4 sets at 20 seconds each of cardio, then legs, arms, and core. Always keeps your heart rate pumping, always hits every area you want to target, always leaves me a little disgusting for the rest of the afternoon at work. Sorry, cubemates-gotta get my workouts in where they’re most challenging! 

Second class was a 60 minute boot camp. Jenni never ceases to scare me just by walking in the door. There are instructors who motivate you by being inspiring, by constantly changing it up, or in her case-by her own impressive guns. Girl is ripped and always makes me hope I’ll end up like her if I try hard enough. Her format went as follows: 

5 laps around the track/50 jump squats

4 laps/40 jump squats

all the way down to 1/10. We repeated that with wall sit bicep curls and then pushups. I looked at the chart on our track as I was crawling back in the gym, and by my count we ran just a few laps over 2 miles during this set. After those were all completed, we followed a similar format and did 5-30 second sprints, followed by 25 of an exercise, and then rode that all the way down to a solid minute of sprints and 25 shoulder presses and called it a day. I love workouts that make me ask myself at a given point in the class if I think I can finish. I always have a little doubt, and I always surprise myself and pull through. My legs were starting to get a little rubbery last night during the sprints and I managed to push through it and even speed up the last few go-rounds. 

As I was driving home last night after class, I still felt good enough that I considered going for a walk, but I was a gross mess and decided at the last minute to just call it a day and shower up. I do still have stitches in my tummy, and I haven’t exactly been easing back into the routine; I don’t do subtle or slow very well. Anyway, got home and walked into a wall of delicious smell courtesy of this bad boy: 



Roast with potatoes, carrots, onions and garlic! SO delicious. We cooked up the dregs of a bag of green beans to complete the meal and put on “The Nightmare Before Christmas” to get our Halloween on. Jeff was basically a 12 year old boy last night when he figured out he could do this: 



So we played through a few rounds of Donkey Kong, Tetris, etc that he’d been storing on a hard drive until I got too sleepy to sit up and headed to bed early. All those workouts made for one tired girl! I’m a lot less sore today than I thought I’d be, but today is a slightly easier day at the gym: run over lunch, yoga after work. I think our Halloween plan tonight is to ignore the whole darn thing and maybe make a homemade pizza. I tried to hand out candy the first year at this house and ended up with a giant bag of my favorite candy all to myself, as maybe 2 kids showed up! So I decided if I want candy, I’ll just get some for myself and cut out this “it’s for the kids” nonsense. Whatever you’re doing for Halloween, enjoy it! I leave you with some old photos of my dog Foster, when I used to think it was fun to torture him for Halloween: 



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