Frustrated Incorporated



I’m continuing yesterday’s theme-it seems to be fitting my mood today. For some reason, I came to work feeling pretty fantastic-rocking a great outfit, got some fun plans after work, all was great. But then it flipped on a dime and now I’m really self-shaming myself about the state I’m in, fitness-wise. My markers are all in line per my health screening last week, but I’m feeling lots less-than. All the work I’ve been putting in this week reminds me how much further I have to go before I feel like I’m “in shape”. Maybe a recap of yesterday will help me get my mindset back to awesome. 

Had an early lunch because I was feeling the afterburn of my tough workouts Wednesday. Here’s what it looked like: 


A bit of our leftover roast from Wednesday night, and then a big ole salad. I managed to stay out of our Halloween food day at work, not much aside from a coworker’s chex mix deluxe was calling to me. Went over to the gym and eked out a decent elliptical workout for my “lunch hour” later in the day. A teammate brought his daughter in for a while so I covered our area while he was showing her off-she is a little over a year old, and was literally the cutest chicken I’ve ever seen in my life. Poor girl has bad judgement though-she LOVED me! Kept coming over and holding up her arms to me. Too cute! 

Anyway, after work I’d planned on taking a yoga class and stretching it out-my legs were kind of sore all day from all the boot camping I’d done Wednesday. I’m a terrible yoga participant, so this was going to be a challenge for me. I get all in my head and feel like I’m not working hard enough, sweating, or burning enough calories to count it as a workout. As we were walking over to the gym, I checked in with my husband and found out he hadn’t made it home for lunch like we’d hoped, so the poor dogs were already crossing their legs. He offered to try and take off from work a bit early so he could get home, but I was too worried about the dogs having an accident or leaving them too long, so I decided to just go home and skip yoga. Got home, let out the dogs, and decided to go for my first decent run since the surgery. Shameless pre-run selfie! 


Had a gorgeous view, felt really strong, and was happy I’d made the choice I did. Got in 4 miles before the sun set on me. For all the complaining Nebraskans do about the weather, it is nice to live somewhere that we get a strong dose of every single season there is. We’re definitely in full Fall mode-trees are resplendent with reds, yellows, greens and oranges. It was nice to forget about pace and just enjoy the scenery for a while. I don’t know if other runners have to engage in some cheerleader activity to get themselves through it, but I had to remind myself a few times that my legs felt OK, no run is ever 100% easy, and that it’s normal to wonder if I have all the miles “in me”. Cheering myself on usually involves some mind tricks but whatever gets me through it. The second I stopped and walked a few miles to shake out the legs after my 4 miles, my legs definitely felt like rubber. Getting back in the swing of things always involves a bit of muscle soreness till they get back on track, but I forgot how much it gets in the way of simple stuff, like bending down or walking down stairs. 

Got home to find Jeff elbow deep in flour-pretty normal stuff, really. We make homemade pizza about once a week anymore-just can’t get enough of the stuff! I’ve got him convinced to use turkey pepperoni-major win. In a pizza, you barely get to taste the pepperoni anyway, and you definitely can hardly tell it’s not the full fat version. We’re working on getting the crust the right level of thinness-not so thin it’s a cracker, but not so dense all you taste is bread. I think Jeff nailed it this time. We sat down to a delicious dinner-and if you don’t believe me, just ask Foster: 

ImageClearly begging for a bite! Today I’m either taking the day off workouts to rest these poor legs of mine or popping over to Renee’s lunchtime class-I haven’t decided yet. Tomorrow morning I get to teach power pump at 9, and I’m hoping I’ve got the right gear at home to do something I meant to do all Summer. I want to run the 3.5 miles to the Y, teach class, and then grab a celebratory coffee downtown and walk home afterwards. It takes some coordination to make sure I have all the necessary items in hand, and it’s going to be pretty chilly in the morning. Plus I always have this tiny bit of doubt that I won’t be able to run the whole thing, and then I’ll be late to my own class. I think it’d be a great way to spend my Saturday though. I’m still settling in to the idea that I can really do whatever I want with my weekends now-I spent quite a few months having errands or projects for the wedding on my to-do list. I’ve got some recipes I want to try this weekend-photos on Monday (if they turn out!). 

OK. So am I still frustrated? A bit. But I found all my health screening results from the last 7 years(!) I’ve worked here. They’ve always fluctuated ,and they’ve always been in line with standards and goals. So just because I took a couple of weeks off, and I’m feeling a bit puffier than normal, doesn’t mean I’m not a healthy, happy girl. Just means there’s room for improvement-and while I’m up to the challenge, I have to remember not to let it run my world. There’s more to me than just a couple of numbers on a scale, form, or pair of jeans. 

-are there any workouts you know are good for you, but you have to make yourself do them? 

-how does your dog beg for food (Foster clearly employs the “nose to knee” method)? 

-how do you bring yourself out of a grumpy mood when you’re feeling “less than”?

Have a great weekend! 


One thought on “Frustrated Incorporated

  1. Glad you’re able to get back at it!
    The workout I have to really get motivated for is speed work on the track. Something about the pukey feeling that I know coming doesn’t make it too attractive. Haha.
    Our dogs aren’t allowed in the kitchen, or near us when we’re eating. I usually send them to the next room so we can eat without them eyeballing our food!

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