I’m still digging this 90’s theme, so we’ll take No Doubt for today. How was your weekend? I should really update this thing over the weekend, now there’s so much to talk about! 

Saturday morning, I woke up before Jeff’s alarm even went off. Not all that out of the ordinary for me, but Friday night was kind of a late night so I was surprised. Anyways, got up and made a quick breakfast, and got all bundled up. I was teaching power pump immediately after my run, so I had to find some layers that wouldn’t weigh me down, but would keep me warm in 30 degree weather. Settled on a workout tank under a long sleeved tissue tee and my favorite UnderArmour hoodie, along with 2 layers of pants. Ran my 3 miles to the gym, and managed to even have a bit of time left over to walk in the last .25 miles downtown so I wasn’t trampling Husker fans. But it wasn’t just that simple-that run was HARD. Yes, there were some hills in there, but nothing I can’t handle and part of the route was one I hadn’t run before, although I had biked it every day, all summer long. It just really makes me panic when I HAVE to run somewhere. I was constantly having to mentally reassure myself that I could run 3 miles no problem, I wouldn’t have to walk, I wouldn’t be late for class, etc. Well, those nerves, while discouraging during the run, must have done the trick-I got there in plenty of time. Taught a very tough power pump, and headed back out to get a celebratory coffee and walk home. Our class layout looked something like this if you’re interested: alternating sets of upper/lower body exercises in 30/30/45 second increments. Then we had a minute of intense cardio followed by a minute of a combination upper/lower move, which completed the set. Had about 8 of those combinations, 4 sets of abs, and we were wiped out! Still my first week back after the surgery, and I will fully admit to having to use lighter weights to get through things. My walk home was great-squeezed in a few jog sets once I’d finished my coffee. I was starting to get hungry again and had to get home to get my lunch! Might have fallen asleep for a few moments after lunch…then it was on to the normal Saturday routine errands. Got back home and cleaned up some overgrown vines in the yard until it got dark. Weekends are lower key lately, so we stayed home and made one of Jeff’s favorites-cheesesteak soup! It’s a must try-recipe Try as we might, we couldn’t stay up that much later than usual just hanging around home, so we went to bed at our “normal” time Saturday night even though I was antsy because of the extra hour we’d get when “Fall Back” happened. Jeff reminded me that I could just as easily take advantage of it by getting up early Sunday when there’s daylight, and actually make productive use of that time. SO, Sunday morning we got up early so I could make these little goodies:


No, as one of my friends pointed out ,they are not onion rings, but pumpkin donuts in an apple cider glaze! SO YUMMY. A friend bought me a donut pan for Christmas a few years ago and I don’t get enough use out of it at all, so I was pretty excited to find this recipe. You can find it here: Lisa came over and graciously taste tested with me, and we’ll be bringing the rest of these to our weekly dinner tonight. She and I then headed out on a very windy day to hike at one of our gorgeous state parks, Platte River. We got in a 5+ mile hike and it was a perfect distance. Some good hills, some pretty fall sights, and just what I needed as an active recovery day.

After our hike, we rewarded ourselves with a trip to Cellar 426, a nearby winery. Each had a glass of wine and shared a meat & cheese plate and headed back to town. Jeff had plans with a buddy, so I had the house to myself. Got some of my favorite takeout for dinner-mulligatawny soup and chicken tikka bread from our Indian Oven and just bummed around. Jeff would tell you I don’t know how to relax-and it’s true. I did my fair share of cleaning, organizing, and laundry on my night alone-woohoo, girls night! 😛 I did take a nice relaxing bath, and thanks to a poll of my facebook friends I had some awesome new tunes to help me de-stress.

So, this week has already veered off course for me today. I’m going to try to hold myself accountable here on Mondays and Sundays with a projected workout plan and an actual workout plan. Life gets in the way sometimes, and I’m trying to remember that not every day needs 2 workouts, but it’s really become a habit of mine. Here’s my tentative plan for the week:

Monday-Power Pump lunch, run 3-4 miles after work.

Tuesday-Kettlebell Kut class lunch, teach SIC after work

Wednesday-Power CSI class lunch, boot camp after work

Thursday-elliptical over lunch, yoga after work

Friday- Power Pump over lunch, run 3-4 miles after work

Saturday-long bike ride

Sunday-active recovery-hike, walk, or similar.

Already, Monday’s power pump lunch has been pre-empted for a lunch date with Jeff. But that’s OK, I don’t want to be so strict about getting everything in that I miss out on life!

Questions for the day:

What music do you listen to when you want to de-stress?

Do you plan your weekly workouts or just let your body dictate?

Do you have a good hiking area where you live?

7 thoughts on “Bathwater

  1. Looks like an active week planned!
    Lately I’ve been going with The Civil Wars and The Avett Brothers for my wind down music. Good tunes!
    I do have a set workout plan, but I agree that if the body isn’t feeling right, I do adjust it!

  2. De-stress music for me is mostly instrumental… I’m particularly fond of the Into the Wild and Memoirs of a Geisha soundtracks/scores. As for workouts, my current plan is to do my couch-to-5K trainings on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays, and weight training on Wednesdays and Saturdays – leaving Mondays and Fridays for recovery (I usually walk about 2-3 miles those two days). But, as mentioned, I’m dealing with quite a bit of muscle soreness from weights, and didn’t do my run yesterday (was going to try this morning, but this would require getting up at 4:30 at the latest, and I’m just not there *yet*). I admittedly feel pangs of anxiety when something “gets in the way” of my workouts, and have a hard time not berating myself for skipping. All in good time. 🙂 As for hiking, I love Platte River SP too, but had the best hiking by far when I lived in Wyoming – the area in the mountains just east of Laramie is fantastic, and very accessible. The Snowy Range is better still, much more rugged… takes a little bit to get to some of those trails, but WELL worth it!

  3. MMmmmm those pumpkin donut holes looked AMAZING!

    I totally understand the feeling of ‘HAVING’ to run somewhere! I used to live 4.5 miles from my work, if I ever worked the 6am-2:30pm shift, I would have to run to work since the buses didn’t run. I kinda miss it, I haven’t been running as much as I want to, the move and the weather, have no clue where I am! Tons of busy streets! As for the questions of the day:

    1) What music do you listen to when you want to de-stress? Something mellow, I really dig Bonobo Pandora radio, or anything calming and kind of ambient.

    2) Do you plan your weekly workouts or just let your body dictate? Plan them to the T! It’s so hard to hold myself accountable if I don’t. I see such better results when I plan them out, I waste less time wandering around the gym wondering what to do, and I know I’ll get results if I stick with the plan!

    3) Do you have a good hiking area where you live? I live in Bellevue WA. I really enjoy the following hiking trail: absolutely gorgeous! Takes a bit to get out there, but GORGEOUS!

    Keep it up girl! Looks like you have an awesome week ahead!


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