Currently in November….

half marathon

Got inspired this morning by another blogger’s regular feature, the “Currently” post, so I thought I’d give it a whirl!

Current book: I got a good haul from the library recently, but I just haven’t been that into reading them! I want to finish “The Woman Upstairs” by Claire Messud. It’s started kind of slow, but I’m still hoping it picks up. There’s only been one book I was ever unable to finish because it was so terrible (Office Girl by Joe Meno)-I have a sense of duty about finishing something I’ve started. I also have a book to read for my book club-although I have yet to make the first 2 meetings of our club, I’m hoping to get my sh*t together and make the 3rd. We’re supposed to be reading “We are Water” by Wally Lamb. I’ve heard nothing but good things about it, so I’m excited to give it a shot.

Current music: I recently reinstated my Sirius XM subscription for the car-I couldn’t beat 6 months for $30! I love being able to hop in the car and instantly have access to specific genre’s of music that normally isn’t playing on the regular radio. Before that, I did a lot of Pandora but I only got to hear my playlists and favorite songs. This way, I get to hear some new stuff in the Alt Rock genre, but I also have access to our favorite station on the planet: First Wave. Jeff and I bonded over a lot of stuff, but one of them was our love of 80’s new wave music. For example, I walked down the aisle to “Head Over Heels” by Tears for Fears. Teaching spinning, having access to a growing playlist across all variations of music is important to me, so I’m just scanning the dials to try and find new things to include. I did get a great suggestion recently (thx, Pirate Bobcat!) and remembered to check out the new album by The Civil Wars and really enjoyed it.

Current guilty pleasure: That one’s a bit tougher. I think I’d say that I’ve been on an espresso kick lately. When Jeff and I got home from our honeymoon (OK, maybe waiting in the airport on the flight back), we immediately bought a good espresso machine for the house. Between the occasional brew at home and my pit stop on the walk home from the gym Saturday, I’d say coffee is on my mind.

Current food/drink : I made homemade chunky applesauce this weekend and both Jeff and I are loving dropping a spoonful of it into our morning oatmeal. Delicious! Other than that, just in general I’m loving all the fall/winter food recipes I’ve been finding and I’m super excited to try some of the more root-vegetable based offerings I’ve found.

Current TV show: we’re really into Sleepy Hollow, Parenthood, and I’m a big fan of Project Runway. I had a guy that comes to my Tuesday class every week, but I’ve just not been able to engage him like I have with the other participants. Last week, I had a Blondie song in my rotation and mentioned that her face seemed a little “frozen” when i saw her on PR: All Stars. He jumped right in and started talking about the show with me! SUCCESS!

Current wish list: I have rekindled my love affair with running after a brief rocky patch this summer. My time table and how our days shake out had me running at the hottest parts of the day and it just was agonizingly extra difficult. Now I’m back to rocking my normal routes and pace-just in time for winter. So my wish list is full of cold weather running gear and compression socks. I tried a pair of Champion compression winter tights last night and they were a big purple ball of failure. Just kept sliding down my belly and giving me “long crotch”. Those of you who have experimented with workout pants or tights know what I’m talking about. I either have to condition myself to just deal with that and not try to yank them up every 5 steps or get a new pair. They did keep me warm, though, so I guess that part was a success.

Current triumphs: See above! Last night, I went for a run and thought I’d do anywhere from 3-5 miles. I made it 2 miles and had to stop and walk a bit-total defeat. I was having a terrible side stitch and it felt different than any I’ve had before, so I was worried it was related to the surgery I had on October 25th. Well, I didn’t want to stop at just 2 miles, so I picked back up just to see if it had dissipated, and it was gone, and I ran 3 more miles. Pace was good, breathing was good, legs felt great, just back in my groove. Take that, side stitch! I’m a runner, you can’t beat me!

Current defeats: I felt kind of angry with myself yesterday afternoon-Jeff and I went to lunch at a Thai restaurant downtown and I let myself make some less healthy choices. Then I felt like a slug all afternoon and was just annoyed at myself for doing that. What I take away from that is twofold: I want to be less hard on myself when I do make a choice that wasn’t PERFECT, and I want to remember to make good choices where I can.

Current needs: I’m in a really good place lately! I need to stop stressing out about being able to afford certain things and just relax-I’ve found a way to make things work but I’m always trying to save just an extra bit more, even if it makes things miserable. I need to find balance, period-in finance, in food, in workout, in life.

Current indulgence: those pumpkin donuts I made Sunday!

Current slang: RIGHT?!?!!?

Current blessing: November’s the month where we actively try to be thankful for the things we have. I do feel it’s important to let people know how special they are to you, and I don’t want to limit it to just one month of the year. I’m thankful for my husband who makes me laugh every day, my friends and family who have stuck by me in some tough times the last few months, and my dogs who love me unconditionally.

Current outfit: I’m in winter clothes mode, which for me means a lot of long sweaters and tops over leggings and boots. Can’t get enough-it’s like being in jammies all day, but more socially acceptable.

Current source of excitement: We’re hosting our own Thanksgiving this year, and putting together a menu all our friends will enjoy is fun for Jeff and I. Whittling down to the best recipes for all our favorites is tough but results in some tasty trial runs.

Current mood: Happy! I’m getting back on track with my fitness goals, working toward the ever present goal of a healthy, realistic body image, and spending time with the people I love most.

Any “currents” stick out for you? 

Who is the most important person in your life? 

Still on the lookout for good workout music-what gets your legs moving? 


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