Three Things Thursday



One of my faves from our wedding-2 months ago today! 


  1. Tricked myself into taking yoga tonight-we’ll see how I do. My instinct would have been to run after work-normally on Thursdays I’ll use the elliptical machine over lunch and then run or something afterwards. But I went over to the gym and used the dreadmill so I’d have no choice but to take yoga! I am very bendy (points to anyone who gets THAT reference) and have great balance, but the “quieting my mind” part is a whole different story. I am going with a friend tonight, so that may help relax me a bit. 
  2. I am on a crock pot roll! Last night’s chicken taco chili was amazing, even better for lunch today. Tonight, we have in the crock pot a coconut curried pork tenderloin. We may have deviated from the recipe a tad-I was slightly impatient peeling the devil squash we had last night and said to hell with that, we’re using potatoes too. Barring a taste disaster, I’ll link to that recipe later. Heck, if ever you’re bored, feel free to check my pinterest board devoted to crock pots ( Something about walking in the door to a house with delicious dinner smells all around is just awesome, although it does make me wonder if it drives my dogs crazy smelling that all day and never getting to taste it. 
  3. The whole “being my biggest cheerleader/not being so hard on myself” experiment is going great. Yesterday in my 2 classes, I actively had to stop myself from checking how I was faring/looking/competing with other girls in the class, and direct myself to check on that girl in the blue shirt in the mirror (me!). Much more time was spent focusing on my form, how I felt in class, and making sure I got the most out of my workout. 


I’ve joined a few challenges and blogger exchanges this month, and one is the “pile on the miles” challenge. I don’t want to forget where I’m at, so my tally for November as of today is 20. Not too shabby-my projected goal was 50 and I plan to crush it! The breakdown so I don’t get confused is as follows: 




That’s all for now! Have a fantastic evening, so glad tomorrow’s Friday! 


4 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday

  1. How do you trick yourself into yoga? Did you put wine and nachos in the studio? That’s what I’d do! Ha!
    Yeah, the hardest part for me in yoga is the who quieting my mind. But I find the more I practice, the easier it gets. If I skip a week or two, then it’s that much harder to do when I get back.
    And mmmm, curry. Mmm

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