So, it’s Wednesday again. Having a tough couple of days here-I have a really angry tooth in my mouth right now, and it’s causing me some pain. I get to sneak into the dentist tomorrow and find out what the deal is, but until then there’s either an ice pack on my face or some cold water in my mouth. On the bright side, I am probably the most hydrated I’ve ever been in my life!

Anyway, lets talk about food. Thanks to Jenn for hosting the weekly food porn round up. 🙂

So what am I eating? Lots of the same stuff as normal-I am pretty habitual during the work day with the same foods. Apples, bananas, pears, oatmeal, sometimes popcorn, and currently boatloads of my homemade chex mix. I’m limiting that to a small containerful a day but it gets pulled out and picked at like 10 times a day. I learned that lots of people I know haven’t had homemade chex mix (a real holiday season staple in our family) so I have a feeling I’ll be making a few batches over the next few weeks and really perfecting my recipe. Twist my arm! 

Today, I’m going to highlight my lunch from yesterday and today: loaded sweet potato. I LOVE sweet potatoes. Before Jeff came along, my single girl dinner was usually a sweet potato with some fat free cheese and salsa on it and a veggie patty or a chicken sausage. Jeff refers to it as the saddest dinner in the world. And it wasn’t bad, but I’ll admit it usually left plenty of room for a snack later on. He hates when I eat sweet potatoes-he doesn’t like them himself and they remind him of “dark days”. But this week I’m sneaking them back in for lunch! We had some leftover chile chicken from our taco dinner Saturday night, and so I am adding that to my regular salsa/fat free cheese combo. It’s delicious! And I’m not even a little sad after I eat it. 


So, recently on Facebook, there’s been a lot of discussion about what a “goal weight” is. There’s a fantastic few bloggers I follow there (Erin Brown, Chichi Kix, etc.) who have really been sparking discussion about women being happy in their own skin. And I’ve realized lately that my “goal weight” is actually where I am now, or maybe just a pound or two less. That kind of makes this my “happy weight”. I’m eating for the most part exactly what I want, when I want, working out as much as I’d like to, and generally maintaining. And that’s freaking awesome! I’d really suggest checking them out-their message is exactly what I have been working towards believing for myself. What brought all that up with WIAW? Nothing, really, except I’m wearing a pair of jeans today that I haven’t worn for a while because they were “too tight” on my thighs. Fit fine now! Woot woot! I can get a bit obsessive about my workouts and loathe taking rest days. I may be a convert now-that time off I had to take while I was miserable before my surgery has been the reboot my body needed. Just feel right back on track! 


Have a great Wednesday! Do you have a “goal weight” in mind or are you happy where you are? Do you have any “goal clothes” in your wardrobe? And last but not least…how do you get rid of excruciating tooth pain when your dentist appt is 22 hours away? 


5 thoughts on “WIAW-kinda.

  1. Saddest dinner ever?! More like amazing dinner! Gonna have to try that one, and send me the recipe for your chex mix (if it’s not a secret).

    I feel ya on toofer pain, my wisdom teeth are growing in, and the right side of my face ACHES!

    Super happy you’ve found a perfect balance in your daily food and exercise regimen, truly takes time to find 🙂


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