It Turns on a Dime

Just wanted to write down some quick thoughts about a pretty big thing that happened to me today. Had my post op appt with my doctor for my laser laparoscopy last month. It’s been a few weeks since the operation, so I was kind of surprised it was so late, but it gave me a good chance to sit down with my doctor and really talk about what has made me have 8 surgeries in 12 years. Well, we talked about it and decided the best way for me to avoid future pain and future surgeries is to go ahead and have a partial hysterectomy/left side oophorectomy. I’m still relatively young, but my progression of the disease (endometriosis) has been “extensive” in his words, and the reality is that having kids biologically would be an uphill battle and probably be terribly hard on my body. So November 30th I’m having it done. It’s strange to know that in a few weeks I’ll be infertile, but the reality is that I probably have been for a while now. 

Jeff and I are OK with this; if we decide in a few years that we want kids, we’ll adopt. And having this surgery is best for me now, both physically and monetarily-I’ve certainly met my deductible. Doing this now ensures that I’ve got at least 10-15 years before the right ovary could become problematic enough that I’d need further laparoscopy. But here comes more recovery time and an actual overnight hospital stay. At least it’s in a super cold month here in Nebraska-perfect time to hide under a blanket and recouperate. It’s going to be tough to keep me on bed rest for more than a few days, and it’s recommended that I’m out for at least 1-2 weeks, possibly up to 6. If you’re curious, they’re using the da Vinci method-yay robots! Poor Jeff is going to have his hands full-good thing he’s got a great support system! 

So to any friends that are reading this-know the decision has had a lot of thought put into it and we’re comfortable with it. And to everyone, your support will be appreciated! Going to be a bit more recovery than I’m used to, and I’ll be going stir crazy so expect lots of “blah I want to go outside and run!” posts. But it’ll be all worth it when next October rolls around and I don’t have to go back to the stupid hospital! 


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