Five Things Friday



I mustache you a question…is it Friday yet? 

Woohoo, the weekend is in our sights! That photo above is from a “Cinco De Mustache” girls bike ride we did a few years ago…so fun! Unfortunately, I had also had a pretty disastrous bike wreck a few days beforehand, so I looked a little like a mustachioed barfighter. My weekend plans aren’t crazy, but I’ve got a makeup training at the YMCA, followed by a little cardio and then an OG lunch with my girl Angela. Sounds thuggish, but we’re totally just going for unlimited soup, salad, and breadsticks at Olive Garden. What can I say, we roll like that. Sunday we’re having a bunch of friends over for my “retirement brunch” on Sunday. Gotta send those eggs out in style! OK, so on to what’s on my mind today: 

1) BOY, am I argumenative today! Every email I get elicits some kind of sarcastic verbal response before I find a way be an adult and act like a professional. Just one of those days, I guess. 

2) I am NOT in the mood to work out these days! It’s a combination of factors-upcoming surgery, cold cold weather, and I’m not used to being stuck inside the gym for all of my workouts. I hate being on the treadmill, but I also get so bored on other machines too. Can’t win! I’m not too worried about it, though-I will workout when I can/feel like it until the surgery happens, and once I’m ready to get back to it, I will. No earth shaking disaster, just life.  

3) I’m not as psyched about Thanksgiving this year, or Christmas, and I’m not sure why. Things have been a bit tighter around our house, but I’ve usually bought Jeff 5 gifts and given him 3 by now. Granted, I have bought his major Christmas present-and it is MAJOR-but I know better than to spill the beans on this one. Maybe the elves will hit me with their pixie dust soon, but so far the Christmas Carols being played at my dentist’s office just make me feel rage instead of festive. Hopefully, Jeff & I can find a way to get together with both of our families during the holidays, I’m sure that would give me a big dose of Christmas Spirit. 

4) We’re having “Adult Lunchables” for dinner tonight (cured meats, cheeses, fruit, & bread…and wine) and I could not be more excited. It’s my favorite meal of all time. My Mom & Brother used to call it “Picnic Dinner”, and with Jeff it got upgraded to full adult lunchable status. Stopping at Trader Joe’s for supplies on the way home from work tonight-and after I drop my poor cousin off a care package of cookies I baked last night. He had to get his appendix out unexpectedly this week, just like I did last year. I know from experience that’s no fun at all! Jeff will tell you about how terrible the experience was if you ever ask him-I was in so much pain beforehand I kept getting sick every 10 minutes (albeit I was “the quietest puker he’d ever met”), they woke me up every 10 or so minutes overnight to check stuff, meaning he also got woken up all night, and one of the nurses totally manhandled my high on anesthesia behind, threw me in a bathroom with a new gown and told me to change myself. Didn’t go over well. This surgery will be at a different hospital, so we’re hoping for a better experience. 


Cousin Cookies-and perhaps a few for Jeff and I too! 

5) Changing my name has been frustrating the crap out of me lately! I was silly and decided I also needed to change my email address. So my logins to various websites are hard to remember what’s what, the front desk at work told someone I don’t work here anymore because they were confused, and I’m having some trouble getting a paypal payment as a result for a big sale. GRRRRR. 

That’s what’s on my mind today! Couple of silly questions to ask-

Family food traditions-aside from holidays, do you have any? 

Do you ever lose your workout mojo? It freaks me out that it’s not freaking me out, but it’s a good thing. 

For the cynics and sarcastics out there, what gets you in the holiday spirit? 



3 thoughts on “Five Things Friday

  1. Couple things: The way you described yourself, has been me all week. Every little thing makes me BITE MY TONGUE to not snap back…not good.

    And the hubs and I LOVE adult lunchables! With a little wine, it’s teh perfect meal 🙂

    And I had a hell of a time changing my name…more fights and tears than needed. lol Sending you good thoughts!

    • I’m sarcastic to a fault, and this week I learned that sarcastic+irritable=deadly!

      I’m SO glad you guys like adult lunchables too! It’s the best thing I can think of for a Friday night in, or a Tuesday…or whatever. I plan on having lots of the makings around for when I’m stuck under the weather in December.

      Name change has been…argh! Thanks for the good vibes-I held off on doing my drivers license since my renewal comes up in March. I was told I can renew up to 90 days early so next month SHOULD be the last thing on my list!

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