Italian Stallions

If our weekend had to have a theme, I guess it would be Italian. Maybe we were just missing our honeymoon, but pretty much all our meals involved some kind of Italian flair. Friday, I scored these cupcakes from a retirement party at work: 


Yup. One was sugar cookie, the other chocolate caramel. Friday after work was a bit of a whirlwind as I ran across town to deliver some cookies to my cousin, pick up supplies for our adult lunchable dinner, and then get back across town to pick Jeff up from work. Once we got home, it was all wine, cheese, meat, etc. 


stock photo from one of our adult lunchable dinners a while back…pac man gouda! 

We started looking at each other at the late, late hour of 9:30 wondering how much later we could stay up hanging out on the couch. Yup, rock stars. Saturday was SUPER busy for me, took a training at the YMCA followed by a decent indoor workout. I did get stuck on a machine next to someone who had NO business being there. Guy was hacking up a lung, coughing everywhere, including on the guy to his other side. Was really, really grossed out but the 2 of us had the only 2 ARC trainers, so I stuck it out. If I’m struck down with the flu later, I’m totally blaming that guy. After the workout, I met my friend Angela for a fabulous salad & soup lunch, then off for coffee and errands with Lisa. I made Jeff some pretty amazing baked ziti last night for dinner: 


the secret ingredient is…lurve. And lots of extra garlic! 

Yup, that’s ricotta you see buried in there. I don’t make the best regular food-I’m usually better in the baking department, but I have a few specialties and this is one of them. Well, we barely made a dent in that giant pan, I have a feeling we’ll be eating that for a few days to come. Sunday was full of friends & food. We had about 12 people over for brunch today-kind of a horrible pun about my ovary being removed. Lots of eggs for everyone! I made a crock pot dish that didn’t turn out too well-it had me layer the ingredients instead of mix everything in. As a result, one person won the sausage lottery and everyone else came up potatoes. The other dish was another Italian themed casserole-bread cubes, tomatoes, garlic, bacon, and cheese with some eggs on top. I finally perfected it this time-I’m always worried the whites aren’t set enough that I let it cook too long and then the yolks are hard. This time would have been perfect, if not a little more done than I’d have liked. 


photo from food & wine magazine, the recipe is here and it’s fantastic! 

And then, the piece de resistance of my “retirement brunch”…uterus cake! 


that thing looks angry! 

Yup, my friends are awesome. They made me a pretty anatomically correct cake. Somehow we couldn’t convince a few of the guys to eat it, but I assure you that red velvet was pretty tasty. We popped over to our favorite watering hole to share with some more friends, and then Jeff and I came home for a dinner of…more baked ziti! I wanted to get a lot more done today, but the day just takes you where it takes you sometimes. I was looking to get a lot more done before next weekend-hopefully I can get some done this week. Ready for the short work week and then it’s on to “staycation”. 🙂 Hope everyone has a good week ahead, and safe travels if you’re on the move for Thanksgiving! 


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