MIMM/It’s the little things

Here we go! Short week at work this week. Ready to start getting pumped about the holidays and have an awesome Thanksgiving. I’ve got a few great gift ideas rolling around my brain for Jeff now, and although we have to rein me in so I don’t go too overboard on friends/family gifts this year, I’m ready to get in the spirit. I even pulled out our Christmas tree last night and got it halfway decorated. Last night was the un-fun part, where I assembled the tree and got scratch marks all over my arm and wrestled with the lights to get them all strung onto the tree. Next chance I have to work on it will be the fun stuff, adding the ornaments.


Time for another Marvelous In My Monday post! Today’s will be quick-I’m about to head out to my doctor’s office. Even though I JUST had surgery a month ago yesterday, I have to have another physical prior to this weekend’s festivities. Today is just the blood draw. I HATE needles. I don’t freak out or cry or scream or anything, but I can’t watch. But I can already tell you what the best part of my day is going to be:


One of the girls I work with brought me this calendar to work today. It’s a small town thing. My grandpa used to fill these things when he was a farmer. There’s about 4 lines for each day of the year, and he’d fill them with the weather, if Grandma went for a walk, when the kids were born (all 5 of my aunts/uncles/mom), if they came home late (my mother was a culprit), etc. They just read like a history of the family. I’m not sure if I’ll remember to write in mine every day, but just having one takes me back to when I was a kid visiting Grandpa & Grandma’s house. I loved to see my initials on that calendar.

That’s Monday! Tonight is the usual family dinner night, I’m bringing my vegan pumpkin cookies. They are SO easy and delicious, and pretty healthy to boot. Recipe can be found here. And don’t forget to pop over to Katie’s blog to check out what made everyone else’s Monday Marvelous!


2 thoughts on “MIMM/It’s the little things

    • They had to do it twice! She said my veins were “rolling” while she dug around in there a bit and had to give up and have another phlebotomist do it. Two pokes in one morning? I know it’s nothing compared to what I’ll have to deal with this weekend, but I put a little extra peanut butter on my bagel slim when I could finally eat to soothe the pain. 🙂

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