Foodie Pen Pal #1

In November, I participated in the Foodie Pen Pal exchange hosted by Lindsay. She matches up 2 people from across the country, and we send each other $15 worth of local food from our neck of the woods. I was matched up with Jessica. She’s from Minnesota and sent me tons of great recovery food for me to get well soon! ImageYay, I got mail! 




And it’s NOMS! 



Dark chocolate covered potato chips? No WAY! 


I am a popcorn FREAK, how did she know? 


MMM. peanut butter. 


I bet the Peanut Butter will be delicious on this! 


White Fudge Cinnamon Popcorn? Awesome! 

This experience was great-it was so much fun to come home every day and hope I had a package in the mail. Opening it was like early Christmas! I’m such a gift giving nerd, it was super fun putting together her package as well. Thanks, Jessica! 


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