Some steps forward, some steps back


I’m a pusher. I can’t find the exact quote, but it’s something about how if you flail, you might move faster but you’ll hurt yourself along the way. I do that. I put every ounce of myself into something, and sometimes I slip and fall, but generally I get where I’m going without permanent damage. I told myself and pretty much everyone I know that last week was supposed to be recovery at home, this week would be getting back to work, and next week I could try getting back to workouts. Yeah, I made it 2 days and decided to go for a walk after my post-work nap yesterday. And I went farther than I should have. Felt great and accomplished when I got home, but within 30-60 minutes I was miserable. Sharp stabby pain in my lower abdomen. Really, just pain everywhere. Like, so bad it would make me gasp. So I had to take it super easy last night. I had to have my husband finish baking the cookies for my knitting group tonight while I rolled around on the couch and cursed myself for just having to push it. Pain’s still here today, so I’m back at home instead of at work. A few steps forward caused a major backslide in me getting better. I don’t know why I can’t seem to just let recovery happen the right way. I told myself since this was my last surgery, and it was major, that I had to let things heal the right way and get back to stuff slowly. But when it comes to putting it into practice, I just can’t do it. Even now, I’m thinking if I feel better this afternoon, I could try to go to work then. Ugh, I know I need to just spend today hanging out and getting better, and that pushing it can cause adhesions, and for things to not heal properly. Here’s hoping I can heal the right way from now on-I can get my fitness back with hard work, but I only get once chance to make sure things heal properly. 


3 thoughts on “Some steps forward, some steps back

  1. Did you know they named a street after runners giving advice on recovery? The street is called ‘one way’! 😀 We can tell others to slow down, but there is a part of us so connected with motion and physical activity that we simply need to test it, even when if it was someone else we would say STOP. So please slow down and give yourself the time you need to recover …

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