Spill It Sunday!

Good Morning, everyone! I thought I’d give Arman a shot and link up to Spill It Sunday this week.


This week is all about Christmas…duh!

First request was an obligatory selfie…you don’t want to see me in my jammies right now, so I’m including one I took for my first cold bike ride of the year last year:


What do Laura and Ogres have in common? Layers!

-> What is a traditional/cultural event you and your family/friends celebrate? I’m cheating on this one…Jeff and I are celebrating our first married Christmas this year. I’d say the tradition we’ve observed most over the years is that I’m the most impatient gift giver of all time. I also like to get lots of smaller gifts, so we usually do a “x” days of Christmas. X clearly represents how ever many gifts I got him this year. So far, he knows he’s gotten some cigars, a travel humidor, some new argyle wool socks, and he gets to take a class on how to butcher a whole hog and bring us home some literal bacon!

-> Do you have any traditions which you partake in on a consistent basis? My aunt Lynette alternates Christmas and Thanksgiving with her husband’s family and ours. This year, we get her for Christmas. The whole family gets together at her house and makes homemade Runzas. That may be a Nebraska thing, so let me explain: It’s a pocket of bread stuffed with ground beef, cabbage, and onion. It’s another food that I used to hate and have recently discovered I love, so I look forward to this every year. Then we all have some wine and break out Cards Against Humanity for some hilarious results. The outlaws (the poor saps who married into our family) always marvel at the decibel level we can reach when all members of the immediate family are present. We’re a little loud.

-> What is something special you and your family/friends do? Jeff doesn’t know it yet, but on Christmas night, we’re going to go for a little walk. There’s a street in Lincoln we’ve named “Christmas street” because there’s about a 6 block stretch that’s completely lit up with candles in white paper bags lining the walkways and sidewalks. My Mom, Brother and I always used to drive it and ooh/ahh over the “preebies” (Jesse had some fun mispronunciations when he was a kid), and now we live so close we can walk over in 5 minutes. It’s going to be fun to bring some of my family’s traditions into our marriage.

-> What does a typical day during this period involve? Food! Lots of food. I bake a lot of cookies, so usually a warm oven and a happy Laura. My Mom and I usually try to sneak out and walk off some of the cookies even if it’s super cold out. We’ve always been winter warriors and will walk no matter the temperature.


-> Most memorable event? There’s so many memorable Christmases! We live where there’s a lot of snow, so there’s a few that have been a challenge due to blizzard. When I was about 5, we had the “ham sandwich christmas”. Somehow, my Grandparents managed to drive the 60 miles to our house in Lincoln on Christmas, but then we couldn’t find anywhere open to eat. The 7-11 down the street provided our meal that year. There’s also about 3-4 years ago when there was a complete blizzard. Luckily, my Mom & Brother had moved about 4 blocks away from my house. I loaded up all the gifts into a big trash bag, slung it over my shoulder, and walked my happy santa butt down to their house to deliver. Hopefully next year replaces these memories with a new favorite Christmas-Jeff and I are talking about taking a Caribbean vacation next year over Christmas. Christmas in Jamaica? No Problems!

Last Christmas-no idea why I’m being petted like a puppy.

Time to go clean up and get on the road for Christmas #1 at my Mom & Stepdad’s house! Have a great Sunday!


6 thoughts on “Spill It Sunday!

  1. How exciting that you’re celebrating your first married Christmas! Hope it is absolutely lovely for you both (and the present open goes super fast for you :))
    That street sounds so pretty and festive, I’d love to walk along there on Christmas day!

  2. “The outlaws always marvel at the decibel level we can reach when all members of the immediate family are present” -> I had to laugh at this one because it’s very similar in my family. Or at least true for some certain family members.
    Winter warriors going for a walk no matter which temperature over here, too. Our traditional walks might be my favourite part of the family gathering because unlike when sitting at the table talking it’s a whole diferent level of bonding and chatting.
    I hope you and Jeff had a wonderful first Christmas as a married couple!

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