Five Things Friday



I’m back!

Hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas! We kept everything low here’s an exciting 5 things Friday update.

1) I got a Garmin for Christmas! I was SO excited to try it out that on Christmas day I took off with it, intending to go for a long walk. After I got near the half mile mark, I decided to see if I could do a half and half to get back in the swing of things-run .5, walk .5, repeat. And I went 6.5 miles! Ran almost exactly half of that. It felt GREAT. So great, in fact, that I ran 4 miles straight yesterday and then had a couple of cool down miles of walking. I had been hitting the gym the two days pre-Christmas to use the elliptical, and I even lifted some tiny weights. I finally feel mostly like myself again! Still get tired a bit easily, but for the most partI’m ready to go back to work, regular workouts, and normal life next week.

2) I had Jeff hide my scale from me before surgery. I’m glad I did, because I know I’d be itching to see how much I’ve gained while sedentary and it would have probably driven me straight to the gym way before I was ready. But now I’m kind of curious to see where I stand. I’m ready to start the new year and get back to my previous level of fitness, as well as get going on my half marathon and full marathon training!

3) For Christmas, I tend to spoil Jeff. One of his gifts was an adorable rainbow colored espresso cup & saucer set. I made sure I reaped the benefits of this gift too.

photo 2

4) Tomorrow when Jeff gets off work, we head out on the 3 hour drive to his family’s house for our Christmas. I’m super excited to give his niece her gifts-we do a name draw every year. I was kind of stymied at first as to what a 10 year old girl likes-not yet a tween, no more a “baby”. We settled on an awesome chapter book and a few jewelry making kits. I think she’s going to like it. He told me his eldest niece drew my name and keeps teasing me about the awesome hints he gave her, so I’m selfishly kind of excited to see what she picked for me!

5) Last year, my parents gave us a wonderful Christmas gift-a gift certificate to an adorable B&B in Kansas City so we could have a nice weekend away from home, but not so far the travel costs get outrageous. This year, they kept the tradition rolling. We got a gift certificate to 2 B&B’s and 2 bar & grills in Weston, MO. About the same distance, and near the McCormack’s distillery. It seems to be a town with some proud Irish heritage, so it’ll be like honeymoon light!

*bonus item-wish me luck! Heading out to the DMV soon to try and get my new license with my married name. Other than that, I plan on making the most (or would that be least) of my last day of medical leave by planting myself on the couch while I still can!

photo 1

Christmas Eve selfie…

What’s the worst gift you’ve ever gotten? Mine’s easy…an ex actually gave me the full DVD set of Carmen Electra’s Aerobic Striptease….yeah. He reaped no benefits from that gift. Ugh.


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