Five Things Friday

Happy Friday, everyone! With the holidays being in the middle of the week this year, it’s been really confusing as to what day of the week it is! It’s like jet lag…you can tell me what time or day it is, and I’ll say “you must be right, but it just FEELS wrong…”. Add in my recent return to work from medical leave, and I am just beyond ready for the weekend. SO here’s the 5 things I’m thinking right now.

1) Having spent so much time at home recuperating, and then coming back to work/being in public had some bad effects on my immune system. I basically lived in a bubble for a month, so the second I came out of hiding my body was all “the germs! They’re EVERYWHERE!” and I picked up the first cold/flu/misery I was exposed to. I’ve been trying to work out through it, but after a discussion I just had with my dr about my return to teaching at the YMCA (their answer “um, no. We can’t even clear you to be in the facility at this point”). So it’s back to the couch with me this weekend. Jeff has the whole weekend off too, so I think we’re just going to make a party of it and full on veg out together.

2) As a result, I was sulking around a bit today and decided to treat myself to lunch. I work in downtown Lincoln, and there’s tons of options for lunch, but I usually just end up at Panera with a half cobb salad and french onion soup. Something about sitting in a restaurant, with headphones on and a book in hand just really relaxes me. I’m reading “Visitation Street” right now-here’s the synopsis:

Chosen by Denis Lehane for his eponymous imprint, Ivy Pochoda’s Visitation Street is a riveting literary mystery set against the rough-hewn backdrop of the New York waterfront in Red Hook. It’s summertime in Red Hook, Brooklyn, a blue-collar dockside neighborhood. June and Val, two fifteen-year-olds, take a raft out onto the bay at night to see what they can see. And then they disappear. Only Val will survive, washed ashore; semi-conscious in the weeds. This shocking event will echo through the lives of a diverse cast of Red Hook residents. Fadi, the Lebanese bodega owner, hopes that his shop will be the place to share neighborhood news and troll for information about June’s disappearance. Cree, just beginning to pull it together after his father’s murder, unwittingly makes himself the chief suspect, but an enigmatic and elusive guardian is determined to keep him safe. Val contends with the shadow of her missing friend and a truth she buries deep inside. Her teacher Jonathan, a Julliard School dropout and barfly, wrestles with dashed dreams and a past riddled with tragic sins.

It’s pretty interesting so far, and I love Dennis Lehane books, so we’ll see how this one turns out.

3) I’m debating signing up for one of the new “box” services that have popped up everywhere. BarkBox for dogs, BirchBox  for beauty brands, StrideBox for runners…the possibilities are endless! I don’t know that they’re completely worth their cost though-there’s a lot of potential to get stuff you don’t like. But this would definitely fit my 2014 goal of trying new things…I’m on the fence. Anybody tried one of these monthly grab bag types of services? BESIDES the jelly of the month club, of course.

4) Do everybody’s pets get a little more needy in winter, or is it just mine? Foster is our “dainty lady” (even though he’s a guy…eunich? Are dogs really men after they’ve been neutered?) and always has to come in and sit on his rug until I wipe down his paws after he’s been outside. “I’m DIRTY, Mom, fix it!” They also are shedding like crazy, which makes no sense-I’d think they’d keep all that hair to stay warm? Duncan LOVES the snow and seems to want to go outside far more often than he does in Summer. Any time we move from where we’re sitting he runs to the door like that means we’re letting him out. And they want to sleep as close to me as possible. Duncan the furnace is nice to keep warm for a few minutes but then I feel like I’m being smothered with a 50 pound heating pad! Poor Jeff:

5) I’m going to give a little plug here for a blogging friend of mine who’s doing something pretty amazing. Molly is a dear friend of mine who is the best swimmer I’ve ever met. And this summer, she’s going to swim the English Channel! It’s amazing to me the dedication she has to accomplish this enormous goal, and I’m honored to be one of her triathlon “homegirls”. If you’re curious to know what goes into preparing for a 20 hour swim in the English Channel, click on the link above to check out her blog. She exhausts me just reading about it!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone! I’m trying to keep a positive outlook even though I seem to keep getting in my own way when it comes to getting back to normal. It’s some short term annoyance for some long term results. Not working out is my new workout. And I can run past the point of discomfort and lift till I’m sore, so I can sit around even though it makes me uncomfortable. It’ll all work out in the end!

3 thoughts on “Five Things Friday

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, homegirl. I am one of your biggest blog fans and enjoy your writing style – just one of your many talents. Keep up your aggressive resting so you can return to the gym. I want to give your crazy kettlebell spinning class a go.

    • I would love to have you in “cyclobell”-or is that psychobell? At any rate, can’t wait until this endurance rest period is over and I can get back to the regularly scheduled Laura. Thanks for the kudos, girl!

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