Saturday Snapshot

Trying something new and linking up to Melinda’s Saturday Snapshot! 


Today’s snapshot is from our honeymoon in September: 


Hey, is that a house made of candy over there? Who are those kids in lederhosen?

This is from our first last day in Ireland (we then headed to Italy, came back to Ireland for a few days, and then flew back home). We went a tiny bit outside of Dublin to Castle Malahide. The village it was near was so cute, and we had a fantastic dinner there. On our walk back from the castle, we got a bit lost and walked through this wooded area. I’m sure locals would never call it a forest, but we don’t have many trees like this in Nebraska. To me, it was like walking through Hansel & Gretel-ville! I was so glad we got a chance to leave the city and catch some gorgeous views and a bit of history-and get to the “end of the line” transit stop. All of the intercoms were read in Gaelic as well as English, and “Moloch-ide” got stuck in my head for days, so it was nice to put a “face” with the “name”! 

12 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot

    • SO Amazing. We are travel people at heart, we’re even waiting to consider adopting kids until we’ve gotten a few more trips across the ocean in. I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to top this trip, though!

    • That’s how I operate too-if I’m ever surrounded by trees at ALL, I consider it a forest. Even if I’m in the middle of a city. Guess that’s what reading so much as a child got me-an active imagination and way too large a frame of reference! 🙂

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