Spill it Sunday #2

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! It’s time for another edition of Arman’s Spill it Sunday.


This week, we’re talking about childhood dreams and how they panned out. It’s interesting to read the responses-childhood dreams are so optomistic!

First up, Arman’s obligatory selfie. I’m cheating-don’t tell. Either that, or I have really long arms. Anyway, here’s a photo I had Jeff take for me on New Years Eve. I was doing an outfit consultation with my aunt before I left the house. Sometimes those glass mirrors don’t work and you have to use a human mirror.


Denim hotdogs? Nope, Jeff’s legs.

-> What did you want to be when you were younger (career wise)?

The first thing I remember wanting to be that was a career was a dietitian. Seriously. I remember these SUPER dramatic commercials for an eating institute in Chicago, the Rader Institute, when I was like 10. There were overweight people basically begging for help, and it really resonated with me. I wasn’t a FAT child, but I had more of a belly than the other kids, and it just killed me. I wanted to be able to “fix” myself, and then fix others. Plus, my mom had worked in restaurants as I was a child, and when she married my stepdad he was a butcher and then we owned grocery stores, so food was always in my life. I was dying to find a way to reconcile my love of  food with my desperate weight loss dreams.


bad picture, but I’m the girl in red, 4th grade. I’d kill for those legs now!

-> What dreams did you have when you were younger?

When I was younger, I was desperate to have a pet. My mom and I rented homes from when I was a baby until I was 12, and we moved every time her lease was up. There were more rental options without pets than messing with pets, so I didn’t get to have them until I was 10, when we got my dogs. But I LOVED puppies, kitties, horses, you know-the typical little girl stuff. I did have a fish, I named “fishie” (I’m super original with names-I still do that), who we claim was the longest lived goldfish ever. Honestly, he lived for like 3 years, and I’m pretty sure there weren’t like 10 versions of him like Snowball on the Simpsons.


I’d like to purchase this kitty, please! Where’s the cash register?

When I was 2, my mom and dad got divorced. My dad passed away as the result of an industrial accident when I was 5. I remember whenever my mom and I would fight, I’d dream that he was still alive and I could go live with him. Thinking back, I had that dream whenever I felt slighted at all, even though I know now that was pretty unfair to mom. I would see on TV how kids would get caught in the “go ask your mom, go ask your dad” circle and I wanted options that I didn’t have.


I LOVED vacuuming as a little kid. Thankfully, I did NOT dream of becoming a housewife. That dream is reserved for every day I wake up before work.


a foodie and a fashionista at the tender age of one.


I was obsessed with doing this before bathtime. I said I was a nun. Even then, I had a feeling that wasn’t the life for me.

-> Are you in the same career path as what you wanted?

My career has been mostly in customer service, and now I’m in tech support, specifically data integration. I don’t think I knew data existed as a child, or that it could be integrated with other data…so not really. When I got to college, I was so intimidated by all the chemistry involved in a dietetics degree that I chickened out. BIG REGRET. However, I’m learning more about corporate wellness these days and I would love to transition to a career in that field. I think that would seamlessly combine my customer service skills with my love of all things wellness. Encouraging an employee pool to eat healthier, exercise, and take charge of their health is really a passion of mine.

-> Have you achieved any of your childhood dreams?

When I was in middle school, I felt really alienated from the other kids. We moved from a decently sized city (the one I’m in now!) of 225,000 to a tiny town of 600 in the middle of nowhere, Iowa when I was 12, and I had such a hard time breaking into those social groups that had been formed since elementary school. I felt like I’d NEVER have a boyfriend or get married. I dreamed of finding someone who liked goofy girls who quoted movies all the time and danced in the kitchen, and I finally found him. Even as a child, I had a feeling I wouldn’t have kids of my own but I wanted to travel so much-the farthest trip we ever took as a kid was to Branson, MO. I’d say with our wedding and honeymoon I crushed both of those dreams!

-> Will you try and make any of those dreams realities? 

The other day, I was looking into what would be needed for me to go back and get some sort of dietetics distinction, whether I got a second bachelors degree or some other way. That would be REALLY tough to do and still work full time. However, I’m looking into corporate wellness jobs and I have a few feelers out in other directions. That being said, I’m on the wellness committee at work now, and I get to talk about health and wellness with all of you whenever I click Post, so I think I’m taking a practical approach to those dreams now.


6 thoughts on “Spill it Sunday #2

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your dad- especially at such a young age. You and me both about the pet aspect- although I never got one! that is incredible that you wanted to be a dietician from a young age- it’s often a career which many are oblivious to until their teens! You definitely are making means to achieve something in wellness- and as you said, through this blog it is evident 🙂

    • Thanks, Arman! I wish I hadn’t been so intimidated by chem lab, but the professor was just clearly over his job and didn’t care if the entry level freshman really got what he was talking about-it’s like a puppy mill for students sometimes in those “101” level courses. If I could go back in time and get my dietetics degree, I would, but I think now I’m really doing the best thing to stay active with wellness and still have a decent paying job. Spreading the love around, if you will! 🙂

      And you should TOTALLY get a pet someday. I have 2 dogs of my own right now, and even though I spend a good portion of my day trying to eliminate dog hair from my wardrobe, diet, and flooring, I wouldn’t give them up for anything!

    • That’s so awesome-it’s really interesting to me how some people’s childhood dreams got translated into reality. Yours is perfect for you-you seem to be a natural entertainer. 🙂

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