Settle a score for me

Ok, so Jeff makes fun of me all the time for a habit of mine. Say you make dinner, and you’ve got a pretty big amount of leftovers. So you throw it in your biggest Tupperware and chuck it in the fridge. But as you chisel away at it for lunches or whatever, that big container has like a dab of food left in it. Do you leave that big old tub taking up real estate in your fridge, or so you consolidate to make room for new leftovers? You consolidate, right? Jeff laughs because I make more dishes for myself, but I’m always eyeing the fridge and trying to figure out what I can rearrange! Example:




Much better, right? I’m not biased, but take my side here, people. And as a bonus, I’ll show you this amazing photo of Jeff in his Christmas sweater we ordered ages ago but FINALLY received today. I love the look on Duncan’s face in the background. Priceless.


Oh, yeah! I got the email from my boss that I can go back to the gym tomorrow and I’m all clear to teach starting next week. Woohoo!

6 thoughts on “Settle a score for me

  1. I totally consolidate! I had to do a BUNCH of that just the other day. There was no more room in the fridge! And here’s this big Tupperware container with like one little serving of mashed potatoes in it. I put it in a much smaller container and get that big one washed because when cooking for 2, chances are we’re gonna need it in the very near future!

    • Oh, Nettie, I knew if anyone could relate it would be you. Yes, cooking for 2 means our big containers are always in play, and we don’t have as many of those-our mess of a tupperware drawer would explode!

  2. We tend to put leftovers into single-lunch containers so any of us can just grab them and go, then deal with that single container after.

    But it still happens – I stared at the big serving pan with two servings of cake left and decided I didn’t feel like dealing with it last night, but that is rare – normally I would have consolidated.

    And tupperware drawers … ugh! Always a disaster! I just cleaned ours before Thanksgiving, and it now looks like the zombie apocalypse swept through!

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