5 Things Friday

Thank goodness the weekend is here! We’ve had some pretty strange weather this week, most of it cold. It’s supposed to be in the high 40’s this weekend, so I’m hoping to get in a decent run Saturday or Sunday. YAY! That’s one thing I LOVE about weekends-I can run whenever the mood strikes me, and they usually go better than the ones where it’s all “RUN! You’re burning daylight!” Can’t imagine why. Anywho, here’s 5 things at the front of my brain today: 

1) Hoping to finish my set of these this weekend. The first one is done, and the second is about halfway. They aren’t terribly skilled gloves, but they look kinda cool on and I’m excited to have stuff I made myself! 


Look, ma! No fingers!

2) I’ve been hearing a lot of music lately that flashes me back to high school. Examples are varied, the 90’s were a strange, strange time, but include: 
K7-Come Baby Come (Jane? Remember that one?)

Counting Crows-Round Here (Todd? Remember talking about how DEEP this was on the phone?)

Rage Against the Machine-All of it. 

It really makes me think about how awful HS was, and how so much of the awful is because direct communication hasn’t been discovered as the solution to all your problems yet. You still try to hide what you think or feel if it doesn’t go along with the pack, and that inevitably leads to confusion and hurt feelings. I think if I could have been the kind of friend to people then that I am now, if all of us could have been, maybe so many people wouldn’t spend the rest of their adult lives chasing what they didn’t get as teenagers. 

3) OK, #2 got way deeper than I meant it to, so lets lighten up. Jeff’s Christmas gift is finally “Here”-I signed him up for a class at one of our awesome local restaurants called “The Art of Whole Hog Butchery”. That may not be for everyone, but this man has talked about creating a basement lair where we make cured meats, so I think it’s right up his alley. He gets to spend the afternoon learning butchery techniques, gets a boning knife at the end to keep, will probably get to make unlimited “boning” jokes, and the best part? He comes home with 40 pounds of pork! Chops, sausage, the whole deal. Hopefully I’ll have some cool meal photos next week as we start making use of all that piggy! 

4) We’ve been staying in most weekends to save some money, but we’re splurging next weekend and driving up to Omaha for the area’s best tapas restaurant, Espana. I’ve been ogling the menu for a good week already, and may have made our reservations for next weekend today. Date nights rock; and as a married adult, I get to plan my outfit to make sure I can maximize intake of awesome food instead of worrying so much about having a cute dress on that restricts blood flow and requires a corset. I even scheduled my hair appointment that day so I can be extra fancy. 

After getting our hair done. Hahahaha. Makes us feel like princesses. What a great feeling.

5) I may or may not have told a program at work today to “shove it up your cornhole” and “don’t do me like that!”. I think my brain is glad it’s the weekend. Jeff and I have been sharing the car all week since it’s snowy, and that means he gets to drive, which means I don’t really feel the road rage as much. Apparently, I need to drive a bit to let off some stress or it just manifests itself on our poor software at work. Sorry, dear computer-I didn’t mean it. 

And there we have it! Enjoy your Friday, and hope you have some awesome stories to share Monday! 


4 thoughts on “5 Things Friday

    • I once yelled such a stream of profane, nonsensical words it made me stop and laugh at myself. I’ve tried to curb the road rage and it just doesn’t work. Hi, my name is Laura and I’m an angry driver.

  1. haha, love this! I don’t tend to be a fast driver, more of a speed limit person. But still, heading down a street with short green light at the end and someone going 20 in the 30 zone and just watching the light turn when you KNOW you could have made it … ugh, definitely grumbling on my part (my older son was in the car, pre-license, so I try to be super good 🙂 )

    “Date nights rock” … they sure do! One thing to remember – when you are saving like that, it can put on the pressure to maximize the enjoyment when you DO go out. Resist that pressure and remember that FUN is the reason to be out!

    • I’m a very…aggressive driver. That’s why although I’m not quite dedicated enough to bike year-round, I usually ride from April-October. MUCH more relaxing commute, and I’m getting some bonus exercise!

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