Marvelous in my Monday



Had a strange weekend, so I’m taking this chance to blog about the good things that happened so I can shake up my outlook a bit. Without further rambling or explanation, here’s the marvelous things in my life right now! 

Saturday was a gorgeous day, and I took advantage and set off for a run. I’ve been struggling a bit with my running while trying to get back to it after surgery, and this run started off super shaky. I just can’t seem to run as continuously as I did last Spring/Summer. I started having to take a break every four miles or so while running last year because I was trying to run at the hottest part of the day. I thought I was doing myself a favor, getting acclimated to what the conditions would be like during my half ironman. Really, all I did was just shake my confidence and probably push some heat exhaustion further than I should have. But the tie in to my running lately is that I got in the “habit” of taking little breaks, and now my body seems to expect them. Add in the fact that since my surgery, I seem to need to hit a bathroom more frequently during exercise, and I have started having to accept that most runs will include some sort of potty break. Saturday I had to take a little walk break running up a hill, and then a traffic light stopped me about half a mile later. A bit down the road I had to stop for another traffic light, and when I started back up again it was pretty clear I wasn’t going to be able to run any further without a potty break. I was super disappointed in myself. I’d run 3 miles and had been shooting for 5. Regrouped after my break and took off-got the last 2 miles in without issue and decided to walk a bit more since it was nice out and I didn’t have to pick Jeff up for a while. Well, the walking lasted about .3 miles and then I decided to run some more! All told, I ran 6.5 miles and walked maybe .5-1 miles. And after beating myself up for a while, I remembered that at least I’m out there running, things will either heal up and I can quit taking breaks or they won’t and I’ll adjust my expectations for race times. The fact that I can go that far on the 6 week anniversary of some pretty major surgery is an accomplishment and I need to remember to be proud of how active I am already instead of whining about how I’m not as hard core as I used to be. 

Saturday night, we went out with some friends to celebrate a birthday. All I’m going to say is that it was a fun night, but yesterday I was basically crippled the whole day! If I happen to forget my limits and have even one too many drinks, I’ve got an alcohol induced migraine the whole next day. I started to get worried I was getting so dehydrated I’d need IV fluids at one point! But there was ONE marvelous thing about yesterday-Jeff got to go “use” his Christmas present from me. I’d gotten him admission to a 3 hour class on the art of whole hog butchery. He got to go learn technique, get a new knife, and bring home the bacon-literally! He had a great time and now we have this to cook with for a while: 


SO much pork! But it put such a smile on his face, I’m really glad he got to go. 

Trying to get back in the groove for Monday-tomorrow I FINALLY get to resume teaching classes at the Y, and I just found out today that a really drawn-out insurance claim has finally gone through, so I guess things are looking up! Enjoy your monday and find out what’s Marvelous in some other bloggers lives here


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