WIAW-What I Ate Wednesday-Truth In Advertising



Here we go! It’s another food porn round up with Katie. I really, really enjoy looking at the interesting combinations everyone comes up with. Sometimes I get a tiny bit of food shame-I think I tried to choke down a green smoothie once and had to sandpaper my tongue before I could ever eat again. Honestly, every time I start to write a WIAW post I pause. I’m a terrible photographer, and only fleetingly remember to take a picture of my food once I’ve consumed at least half of it. But hey, I blog to be honest, right? Lets go through a typical day. 



No talky before coffee.

Yep, my day starts with a few of these mugs full of coffee. I love coffee and pretty much don’t go a day without it. Jeff and I have an espresso maker at home, although he’s still the master of our coffee domain. I generally wake up first on weekends and have a cup of drip brewed coffee while I wait for him to wake up so we can have espresso together. It’s just part of the morning ritual! 


old fashioned oatmeal.

During the week, I have pretty much the same breakfast every day. Old fashioned quick oats with a sprinkling of a few chocolate chips, a few almond slivers, and a few dried cranberries. As you can tell, I forgot to snap this pic today until I was halfway done. Don’t judge, I was super hungry this morning. Usually I have a mid morning banana a few hours after this, and sometimes I go REALLY crazy and also have a clementine.

Lunch lately has been the vegan beans & rice I was talking about last week. It’s actually a funny story this week-it was our first experience cooking with dried beans. Jeff was nice enough to throw everything in the crock pot for me Monday, but he just figured the beans would cook in the crock pot so he only soaked them and didn’t cook them. Needless to say, I love the rest of my lunch but I’m officially the weird girl in the office this week picking the little black bean bullets out of my food. I refuse to believe one bad apple spoils the bunch here. I’m throwing some extra salsa, a sprinkling of cheddar, and some diced avocado on top if you’re really curious. I also have gotten into having a little tupperware container of frozen mixed berries as my “dessert”. 

Afternoons are pretty snacky for me. Lately I’ll have an apple and some fage yogurt with blueberry acai, some carrots and italian dressing, and a clementine with string cheese. Sometimes not all of them, sometimes I use this bad boy: 


I got this for Christmas after we’d put it on our wedding registry and that’s where it stayed. It’s a microwave air popper for popcorn! I’m a popcorn freak, and this lets me control what goes on my popcorn-it’s usually a bit of sprayed butter and some plain old salt, MAYBE  a few M&M’s mixed in. OK, usually a few M&M’s mixed in. We’re being honest here, right? 


spinach salad.

By the time I get home from work, I’ve usually done one workout over lunch, and another right after work. I’m a ravenous hungry beast and I have crazy eyes. Jeff loves cooking dinner, and we usually eat anywhere between 8-9 at night. I’d probably hurt someone if I didn’t have something to tide me over. I usually throw together a salad while Jeff’s cooking and we chat a bit. Here’s a typical, once a week dinner for us, except the mini ice cream cone I usually cap my meal off with:


love the ignored pizza stone on the bottom, complete with charred chex mix casualties on top of it.

So the more I think about it, maybe I’m NOT a healthy living blogger. Maybe I’m a balanced living blogger. Most of my meals don’t contain some form of squash like other healthy bloggers, or smoothies, or even alternative flours. I workout, most days more than once. I’m at a healthy weight, and all my markers for blood pressure, cholesterol, etc are normal. But for every workout I finish, odds are I’m not dreaming of salad at the end of that rainbow, but of my husband’s grilled steak and roasted brussels sprouts. And probably a glass of wine. Does that mean I’m NOT healthy? Of course not. But if you’re reading this because I’ve touted myself as someone who can help you lose weight then I’ve misled you. Yes, I’m fit. Yes, I eat plenty of fresh food. Funny‘s a bit subjective, but hey-if you like sarcasm, I’m your girl. And that’s your truth in advertising disclaimer.


5 thoughts on “WIAW-What I Ate Wednesday-Truth In Advertising

  1. I virtually never have WIAW posts because I ALWAYS forget to take pictures of my food! I’ll either remember in the morning and take some, or forget until dinner.
    I have never seen a microwave air popper before – I think I need to find one! And I’m loving the term “balanced living blogger”. 🙂

    • Lets start a balanced living movement! I saw that microwave popper and was OBSESSED. It works really well and makes me feel infinitely less guilty about my favorite afternoon snack.

  2. Haha, I NEVER take pictures of my food but like, once a month! It’s rare that I A) cook and B) care about anything before I just inhale it! And I’m totes NOT a healthy living blogger either. I’m just a “i started this with my roomie to be accountable and now i just love having a stored place of memories even if it is public” type blogger. 🙂 You know the kind…

  3. Spinach and I are in a serious relationship and I have a feeling he wants to propose to me tomorrow evening, however, looks like he is cheating on me with you so I think I am going to need to re-think this relationship! lol

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