Spill It Sunday-Birthday Brother Edition



I’m cheating a tiny bit here, but Friday was my little brother’s 20th birthday, so I’m honoring him this week. My mom and stepdad had him when I was a few months shy of my 16th birthday. People would ask me if he was mine, and OMG was I horrified! Now, I’m kind of glad I got to watch him grow up. He’s been through some stuff in his life no kid should have to experience, and sometimes it’s hard shoving him out into the world and making him learn some life lessons on his own, but he’s doing a great job. He LOVES all things music and our just the 2 of us trip to Philadelphia was picked so he could go to a concert while we were there. I think he’d approve of today’s topic from Arman-music. 

-> What is your all time favourite musical artist/band? I have so many, it’s tough to name just one. I love the Killers, Alice in Chains, any band Jack White has been in, and the Black Keys. 

-> What is your favourite genre of music? Alt Rock, no question. This genre really kicked off in the ’90’s, so I’ve been around for quite a few versions of alt rock and I’ve loved them all. I was totally a grunge girl in high school, when music seems to be most personal and identifiable to a person. I’ve always waxed philosophical about how we identify so strongly with music in our younger days because we can’t always find the words to express how we’re feeling on our own. As we grow up, music can move to the background because we learn to overcome being embarassed and speak for ourselves. 

-> Which genre of music could you skip over on the radio? How pretentious am I-I don’t listen to terrestrial radio. We get Sirius XM in the car over the winter months, and in the warmer months I bike commute, so I never really have to listen to regular radio. I don’t get into much hip/hip, rap, pop, or country-I am snobby I guess! I just know what I like and these days, if you only like one genre that’s really all you have to listen to! I’m happy that we do the XM though so I can hear some new alt rock and get some ideas for my gym classes. 

-> Which musician does NOT deserve that title? I’d never say nobody deserves the title, but some pop songs these days are basically 5 words strung together and repeated until my ears bleed. Those writers and singers annoy me. 

-> Most embarrassing musical admissions/tastes-My first cassette I bought on my own (yep, I’m that old) was Debbie Gibson. Yes, I was a 1980’s kid. 

-> Favourite song of all time? A Murder of One by Counting Crows. I’ve used this song on my blog before. It’s really a song about  not wasting your life and just going for things. I really also love “A Dustland Fairy Tale” by the Killers. 


Instead of a selfie, I picked a picture of my little brother. Happy 20, Jesse-you’re really an adult now! 


2 thoughts on “Spill It Sunday-Birthday Brother Edition

  1. I think it is definitely true that the music of your high school years leaves a special imprint on you – even though my genre tastes tend to be ‘out there’, the popular and rock music of the late 70s / early 80s is definitely part of who I am.

    Congrats to your brother turning 20! It is interesting that I look at my own family – my brother has the oldest and youngest grandchild (25 and 15), with my sister having two girls 19 and 21, and my boys are 17 and 15). All of that makes for some very interesting perspective!

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