MiMM-España Style

Can’t believe the weekend is gone-they just go so fast! As I crawled into bed last night, I kept hoping for one more day, and envied those who had MLK day off today. Even though it felt short, I still had a great time, and here’s a few examples of the Marvelous I have to reflect on today.


Jeff and I finally had our much anticipated dinner date at España this weekend. We showed up about 10 minutes before our reservation, and they had our table all set up and ready for us, which was nice. Even nicer because we were both starving when we got there! I’ll spare the full recap, but do check out Jeff’s blog if you want the play by play.

photo 1

Delicious sangria-fruity nectar of the gods!

We wasted no time getting a small bottle of their house sangria-really a refreshing, crisp drink. I let Jeff take all the food photos, but we had calamari, empanadas, stuffed mussels, shrimp & chorizo in a fabulous sauce, and some snails in a garlicky white wine sauce. We loved everything, and then dessert happened too:

photo 2

creme brulee with an orange flavor to it

I had been rooting for the chocolate fondue with churros, bananas, and strawberries, but they were out of the chocolate. We got this creme brulee, and I’m just not really a big fan of custardy desserts. I need something a bit more toothsome, that you can take a true bite out of. It was fine, and I’ll admit to mostly just eating the caramelized sugar on top. We rolled on home stuffed and happy after dinner-exactly what you want from date night!

Yesterday I was the objective voice of reason helping a friend shop for a dress. Before we headed out, I gave some finnish pancakes I’d read about on Meghan’s blog a try. Thank goodness I’d read about them before I baked them-they really do deflate the second you take them out of the oven. I’d have been so convinced I ruined them otherwise! They were an interesting texture and I ate way too much of them.

freshly flattened from the oven

freshly flattened from the oven

my tiny little turkey sausage looks so sad.

my tiny little turkey sausage looks so sad.

We had a gorgeous day here in Lincoln yesterday, so I took off for a run in the late afternoon. I put together a plan on the SmartCoach app of Runner’s World to get me ready for a 10mile race I run in late March, and the plan called for a 5 miler yesterday. I’ve been having some trouble going that far continuously lately-and part of the culprit is that since my surgery, I have to pee a bit more often than I used to. I was pretty tempted to stop at one of my usual potty break haunts yesterday, but I realized I had 2 options: hit my 5 mile continuous goal, or stop, take a potty break, and then go maybe 6 or so. I decided it was more important for my confidence to just keep going, so I did. I felt so good for most of that run, there was none of the “will I make it the whole distance” debate or negative self talk that comes in sometimes. I didn’t let myself look at my pace the whole time, because I told myself it was more important that I go the distance than that I hit my old pace. Well, I was pretty much spot on to what I used to run-average was 9:15/mile. It was a fantastic run and just what I needed to get some confidence back. I started thinking while on the run about what was different that day than the other days when I’ve been struggling lately, and it hit me-well, gee Laura, you took Saturday as a rest day so your legs were fresh. I really need to remember that and if running is the goal I’m working on right now, the rest of my workouts need to be structured to either be running or be complementary to that goal. All of this working out just to burn more calories isn’t going to get me to a race goal, or even a weight goal really-I keep hitting starvation mode. So I’ve finally got a bit of perspective and I’m ready to mix up my crazy training schedule. And that feels pretty darn marvelous. If you’d like to check out what other bloggers are finding marvelous on a winter Monday, check it out!

-How was your weekend? 

-Best thing you ate all weekend? I don’t know if it was my favorite just because it was the first thing delivered and I was starving or what, but I really liked our chicken empanadas on Saturday night.

-Ever have one of those “a-ha!” moments while working out? 


8 thoughts on “MiMM-España Style

  1. Yayyyy! So happy to see you’re running again 🙂 Outdoor running is the BEST! I recently started incorporating more into my training, and it was so HARD at first! Definitely plan on competing in at least another half marathon this year, I never want to completely stop racing.

    MMmmm the food you eat always looks so AMAZING! Glad you had a great weekend, hope you enjoy the rest of your week too 🙂


  2. Nice!!! My gym aha moments (which happen too frequently) is when I see myself in the mirror and forget it’s me for a second and think to myself, “I know that guy.” But then, Aha, it’s me.

  3. I love creme brulee so you can pass that bowl of deliciousness my way.
    I’m glad you tried the pancakes; Kirsten always has such great directions so I was expecting the great big flop, although it is a little alarming at first. I don’t have a stand mixer so I actually used the hand mixed and stood there for 10 minutes. How about you?

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