Terribly Busy Tuesday

Hi guys! Just a quick blog today-Tuesdays are nuts! I managed to squeeze a 4 mile run in over my lunch hour-it was 9 degrees when I left the office! I still can’t seem to get the hang of this compression gear stuff-I have a compression top and bottoms, and while they do keep me fairly warm, I must still be off in sizing. I am constantly yanking the shirt down and the pants up. I know they’re just following the path of least resisitance-no matter how thin you are, there is some kind of curve to your stomach, and the tight stuff just wants to shoot along that curve. But I feel so awkward hiking up my pants every 10 steps, thank goodness the path was pretty deserted over lunch. I got a big bummer when I got back to the gym to change though-I had the bloody sock of doom! Tell me that happens to other runners-I trimmed my toenails last night (gross I know) and I must have missed a sharp edge because I totally destroyed my poor middle toe. That’s going to be fun for classes tonight!

Tonight is my regular SIC class (Strength Interval Cycling) and I’m really looking forward to it. I’m also a bit nervous-tonight is my first Tuesday night double feature, and my first time teaching this time slot of power pump. It’s a new group of people to me, so I get to do the awkward feeling-them-out thing to find our common ground. I got a good review last week (on my first class back in like 6 weeks, to boot!) but she reminded me I need to have my music a bit louder and speak up a bit too. I’m always just afraid I’m going to blow out some eardrums, but I’m pretty sure our gym sound system couldn’t quite handle that anyway. So here’s our set list for tonight:

  • Warm Up-The One I Love (REM)
  • Standing Run-Take On Me (A-HA)
  • Jumps-Push It (Salt & Pepa)
  • Seated Climb-You & I Both (Jason Mraz)
  • Standing Climb-Unbelievers (Vampire Weekend)
  • Tabata-Heads Will Roll (Yeah Yeah Yeahs)
  • Fast Flat-Dream Police (Cheap Trick)
  • Seated Climb-Everlong (Foo Fighters)
  • WATTS Training-On Top of the World (Imagine Dragons)

Then we go into the kettlebell portion of the class, first time through 60 seconds, second time 45:

  • Plie Squats w/Upright Row
  • Double Arm Bicep Curl
  • Kettlebell Swings
  • Overhead Tricep Extensions
  • Alternating Lunge with Kettlebell Twist
  • Left Side Bent Over Row
  • Squats with Kickover
  • Right Side Bent Over Row
  • Side Lunges with Halo
  • Deadlift
  • Planks-Regular, Side Planks, and Spiderman to finish off.

Should be a fun class! I’ve got a pretty wide variey of ages in this class, and it’s small, so I keep the music pretty all over the board. My power pump classes are usually skewed more to my alt rock tastes-you don’t have to be so specific with those. I’ve warned poor Jeff that by the time I get home, I’m going to be starving, so he’s promised me he’ll have dinner ready when I get there. I’m a pretty lucky girl to have a guy who’s so happy to cook!

That’s about it! I should have a new Try It Thursday coming up soon, I think I’m going to start a new knitting project-I’m into the idea of these scoodies I keep seeing. It’s a combo scarf/hoodie thing that looks like a lot of fun!

What’s your cut-off temp for running outside? Mine is 20 (usually). I really felt like I HAD to get a run in today, so I defied my rules and wisdom and went anyway. I’m really glad I did-4 miles in 9 degree weather is STILL better than a treadmill run for me!

What do you reach for when you get home from a really tough workout and dinner’s not done yet? I usually can stave off the beast with a salad, although sometimes I’ll have a few chips & salsa or some cheese.


16 thoughts on “Terribly Busy Tuesday

  1. You’re totally lucky to have a guy who’s so happy to cook for you. And has today off. You should send all your readers to my blog to see what’s for dinner. They’ll probably get jealous and stop reading because well, there is pork involved. Again.

  2. I like the sound of your class. Some of that music is right up my alley. I haven’t been to spinning in weeks, and I miss it. The only problem is spinning is at the same time as the strength training classes I love and I need those more than spinning. Since your class is the combination of them, I would love it.
    My go to desperation snack is a banana, some kind of fruit or an energy bar.

  3. Lately I’ve been spending more time at the gym then usual so when we get home, I’m juggling making dinner, showering, etc. When in a crunch, usually I’ll just make us a filling protein shake and maybe have a piece of whole wheat toast with peanut butter on the side. Filling, quick, and healthy!

    • I’m glad you’ve found a routine that works for you-I feel like the only fitness blogger that can’t get into shakes or smoothies. I just have to chew my food to really feel like I ate dinner! I’d never last on Slim Fast!

  4. I have cut offs for windchill and ice levels… or visibility lol but temperature isn’t really a gauge for me- if the sun is out but its really cold I usually manage and sometimes it just depends on my mood.

    Keep rockin!

  5. Windchill is definitely more important than temperature – I stayed inside when the chill dipped below -30F two weeks ago, but did -20F or so a couple of weeks ago and again yesterday. I think by next year I will buy some battery powered heater gloves for colder days! But you already know I’m crazy!

    Thanks for the link to your husband’s pork-centric blog 🙂
    I am also the one who does most of the cooking, so it isn’t a biggie for me. I am not a big snacker, so if I am working on dinner I won’t eat, but if I ran in the afternoon or evening I will plan a small meal for afterwards.

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