Thirsty Thursday In Your Thirties-AKA Thinking Out Loud

Happy Thursday! On our way to work this morning, Jeff and I kept watching the temp drop on the thermometer in the car until it settled on -4. Holy crap! I got in my 9 degree run the other day but even I have my limits, and I think that’s it. MEGA props to the guy who was running with the balaclava and the headlamp this morning while we were shivering in the car.

So anyway, I keep waking up in the mornings with the driest mouth ever. YOU know the feeling…cotton mouth. And since today’s Thursday, I decided it was Thirsty Thursday. Going to try to get in 4 of my tumblers of water during the work day. And that is decidedly NOT what people had in mind when they coined THAT phrase. That’s where I am in life-Thirsty Thursday just means I’m literally thirsty, not some fun crazy drinking experiment that leads you to class hung over the next day. So what else changes in your thirties? Here’s what Buzzfeed has to say.


Another piece of random for you-Facebook target ads are really creeping me out with their accuracy lately. Yes, I did look at that dress on ModCloth, Facebook, but I decided the reviews just weren’t worth it. Thanks for trying to make me rethink that decision 20 times, though.

I’m really excited lately with a project I’m working on at work. I’m actually picking up some computer programming type knowledge, and it makes me feel all warm and nerdy inside. There’s lots of “OOOHHH!” going on at my desk as things start to click in my brain. Sorry, coworkers, for the 50th time today I wasn’t talking to you, just talking to myself again.

Taught my first boot camp last night-I think it went really well! It’s going to be fun coming up with unique challenges to keep that group entertained-they’re all pretty high level fitness, so challenging them is…challenging.


It was a tough one, for sure-we barely made it through on time!

This brings me to my question of the day-what is the most embarrassing thing to happen to you while running? I’ve seen some runners with some sheepish selfies lately, and it just got me wondering. I think mine is probably the time I was running on a REALLY hot day here in NE, so I will cop to running in only a sports bra and some shorts (and shoes, natch). Well, nature called, so I had to run into a Burger King all sweaty and scantily clad to steal use of their bathroom. Hey, when you gotta go…you gotta get stared at by everyone ordering their combo meal.

Time to head off to my lunch date with a few friends-sandwiches and CCQ (chips con queso, of course!). What’s for lunch with you?

5 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday In Your Thirties-AKA Thinking Out Loud

    • I think the most embarrassing thing happened to me at my first ever 5K. I was standing looking at the starting line expectantly unable to figure out where everyone was. The crowds were there, we had done the warm up and I was standing on the pavement gazing at the starting line… When the starting ‘horn’ blasted and everyone started to run in my direction from the other side! I had to run all the way to the other side and then be the very last person by a long stretch to cross the blessed thing… I still went back the next year. This time I made sure I was on the proper side!

      • Oh no! That is the worst feeling…but so awesome that you went over and started proper! I’ve started in the wrong corral before and just gotten trampled by all these wicked fast runners…not good either!

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