Traveling Blogger Sharing Award!


And let me tell you, it’s a MAJOR award, though not a leg lamp.

Aw, my first blog award! Thanks to Running around the Bend for including me. Here’s what I got as the guidelines.

1. Post the logo on your blog. Done.
2. Thanks the person who nominated you. Done.
3. Answer the questions. See below.
4. Choose 10 or so other bloggers as your nominees. Also see below.
5. Post the links to the nominees’ blogs and notify them on their blog.

Favorite Color

Blue. My favorite color combo is blue and brown-evidence of this is literally all over our house. When Jeff and I got engaged, I told myself I wouldn’t use that color scheme for our wedding colors-until he told me he wanted a chocolate brown suit. Then, of course, I had to complete the combo! I don’t ascribe much to astrology, but I will say that I’m a Pisces, and we love water (which isn’t really true about me now but was as a child), so blue kind of fits that bill.

A few photos that emphasize my love of blue, as well as my love of being a big goof:


Doesn’t everyone do this at wineries?


Finishing my first olympic triathlon. Yes, that’s a farting unicorn. Thanks, Jen!

Favorite Animal

Crazy dog lady for the win. I’m that crazy girl who says hi to dogs on my walks/runs but ignores the people. I’ve rescued dogs I find loose on the street/bike path. I’ll even admit to having a favorite of MY dogs:

First, we had Foster. Foster is simply the coolest dog on the planet. He gives high 5’s, especially when you command him to “hit it”. When he comes in from outside and it’s wet, he goes right to his rug on the kitchen floor and waits for me to dry his paws. Hell, if he can avoid getting wet, even better-I’ve had to carry him over big puddles more than once or he wouldn’t go pee. His dainty paws don’t like being wet-he used to bark at the other dogs at the dog park to get out of the stream and come play. He may be dainty, but he’s got no fear-he took a ball from a Rottweiler at the dog park before and is the more vocal of my dogs when he thinks the house is going to get invaded. He’s a bit aloof, and the more stern judge of character of my 2 dogs. But he still lets me do this to him:

what, you don't wear towels on your head?

what, you don’t wear towels on your head?


Embarrassment has a face. And it is canine.

Then we have our lovable oaf, Duncan. He has all the grace of a lumberjack when plopping into bed or onto the floor-his elbows have no fur left on them at all from our hardwood floors. He’ll play fetch until he can no longer run, and then he’ll take the ball and lie down till he can catch his breath, then he’s back for more. He’s my nurse when I’m sick, and he can catch treats and tennis balls with pinpoint accuracy (Foster lets them bounce off his head and looks insulted). Duncan runs on pure emotion, and thinks everyone is simply there to love him. He also has the most precise internal clock I’ve ever seen-he gets me up at 6 every day for breakfast and stares at me at 6 PM until the kibble drops.

duncan hat

chilling with the homedog.

he lets us give him hugs all the time!

he lets us give him hugs all the time!

hungry eyes

hungry eyes

Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink

Water should be first. Coffee is. Dang, I love coffee. Didn’t start until I was probably 25 or so, but now I take a thermos along to work every day. I will admit to enjoying a frappucino on occasion. And we have our own espresso machine. My answer is clear.

Facebook or Twitter?

Facebook -always. A coworker and I joined twitter when it was pretty new, and couldn’t even manage to find each other yelling from adjacent cubes. I follow some celebrities on there, but just find it hard to sift through the crap to find anything worth seeing. Facebook is much better for keeping in touch with friends near and far, light stalking (kidding!?…), and organizing events and stuff.

Favorite Pattern

Um…this knitting pattern seems pretty cool…


What is Your Passion?

I have a few. Running, fitness, family, friends, and fun. Yeah, that took a sharp F turn towards the end, didn’t it? I am pretty passionate about wellness and balance in life. I’d love to get into a wellness field for my career, but in the meantime I just stay as involved with our employee committee as possible. I love running when I’m not in a wicked slump, and find that it can really cure what ails me.

But what really makes me happy is of course my husband, family, and friends. Spending time with my favorite people-isn’t that really what life’s all about?

And, #4 & #5 – Choose Other Bloggers to annoytag… to do a follow-up post! Um…I’ll leave this up to you guys. I feel like I may be a smidge late to the party so I don’t know how far this thing has gotten, and I don’t want to tag those who have already done it! If you read this, and you haven’t done this yet, DO IT! It’s fun and look…so many pictures of puppies!



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