Few Things Friday

Keeping it brief today…I’ve been at home sick since around 1:00 today. I actually was really worried for a while that it was some kind of post op flare up because I also had a lot of intense pain around the surgical area, but that’s gone down a bit and I’m hoping it’s just the flu. Never thought I’d hope for the flu, but there we have it. Apparently, there’s a stomach bug going around the area so I’m guessing I picked it up. My immune system has been all jacked up between spending December living in a bubble and then I’ve been training pretty hard all of January, so it’s no wonder I’m not feeling my best. Nurse Duncan has been on the job as usual, napping next to me on the couch while I lay there and whimper. 


So sleepy…I could just fall asleep right here!

Trying not to freak out that I’m missing my run for the second day in a row, but things happen. I’m still fairly low mileage right now, so it’s not the end of the world if I can’t get 3 miles in. Looking forward to hopefully getting it in tomorrow, as well as the errands I’m supposed to be taking care of tonight. I’m a very results driven person, and I am ideally always productive, so today is kind of a tough blow to my ego. 

Tomorrow I also have a much needed lunch with some girlfriends. We’re all going through some very big life changes, so it’s nice to get to see each other when we can. 




And lastly, I just want to send a thank you out to my Aunt Lynette. I’m going through some tough stuff mentally right now and trying to sort some things out, and she’s just really been a great sounding board for me. I’m sure I’m probably driving her crazy right now, but she’s always nothing less than supportive. 


Hope you have a great weekend! 

4 thoughts on “Few Things Friday

  1. Here’s the thing I tell my wife (also results oriented) – you ARE doing something by getting better, getting rest and taking the time to not be sick. We butted heads last week because I knew she was really sick and she didn’t think she needed to see the Dr. … so after a school meeting she was supposed to have work but was going to take the day off … an I told her to either go to the Dr or go to work. She was mad … but by early afternoon was at the doctor and then on antibiotics, which she finishes tomorrow. It really knocked her on her butt – and she knew she was bad when she didn’t put up much of a fight when I sent her to bed.

    So take the time to get better, enjoy time with friends … and I hope you get back to everything else soon!

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