Spill It Sunday-TV Edition

Arman is at it again with another Spill It Sunday! Today’s topic is TV. I’ve been called a couch potato a time or two in my day, so you could call me an authority on the subject. I’ve got a weird memory that may not remember how to make myself a fortune, but I can damn well quote Friends 12 ways from Sunday. 


So lets start with the questions! 

-> What was your favourite TV series growing up? I’m going to borrow a bit more from Arman and break it down thusly: 

Childhood- the Bozo show, Today’s Special, Scooby Doo. Does anyone else remember Today’s Special? Set in a department store, a mannequin who came to life when he had his special hat on, creepy puppet mice…


OK, it looks really creepy now. Anyone else remember this?


Teen Years-90210, although I don’t really remember watching much TV as a teen. 

College- That 70’s show, Simpsons, Real World 

Twenties-Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, Survivor

-> What is your current favourite TV series? I love Project Runway, as evidenced here: 


For the uninitiated, we’re at the fabric store featured in Project Runway.

I also like Parks & Rec, Parenthood, Mindy Project, Sleepy Hollow

-> If you could guest star in ANY TV show, which would it be? The thought of guest starring anywhere makes me break out into flop sweat. Fun fact I haven’t divulged yet (but it IS Spill It Sunday) is that I trained to be a professional wrestler in my early 20’s. I’m holding back the details because that deserves its own blog, but the reason I stopped pursuing it was that when we started using me to referee matches, I realized that a crowd of people looking at me was terrifying. Why did I not remember how much I hated being the center of attention? NO clue. But that killed my illustrious future WWE career. 

-> What genre of  television do you enjoy the most? (Reality, Action, Drama, Comedy) This depends on my mood. If I’m sleepy, I’ll put on a “good” procedural crime drama like Bones or CSI. If I’m really engaged, I like comedies or drama, pretty much at the same level. And most of the time when I am on cardio machines at the gym, it’s a reality show like Property Brothers or Millionaire Matchmaker. 

-> Which TV series do you think should NOT have been renewed after it’s first season yet had? Ok, I’m going to make you all hate me. In the early 2000’s, there was a series of “big funny guy with hot wife” shows that I just did NOT get. Raymond, King of Queens, According to Jim…none of them EVER seemed funny to me. SorryI’mNotSorry. 

-> Which TV series do you think deserved to be renewed yet was not? I said this out loud to my husband, and he’s a bit more passionate about this than I am. He said Firefly, Dollhouse, Chuck, and Jericho. I haven’t seen all of them but Jericho was really good. I also was really into this show called Reunion a few years back. Every episode was a different year in these 6 people’s life leading from high school to their 20th reunion, and there was lots of drama along the way as one of them had been murdered. We never got to find out who did it…sigh. Also, Freaks and Geeks. One season? Seriously? That was awesome! 


What do YOU love to watch on the “idiot box”? 


9 thoughts on “Spill It Sunday-TV Edition

  1. Haha, I didn’t get to watch many Friends episodes, but that pivot one always cracked me up!!! I grew up watching Three’s Company. Not sure kids would be allowed to watch that nowadays – lots of innuendos!

  2. You know, it seems like every series Joss Whedon was ever a part of got cancelled before its time. Except of course Buffy and Angel. Yuck. But you can still enjoy some Firefly on the Dark Horse label. Ah, comics. The final frontier.

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