Day in the Life

You asked for it, Alison! Here’s a day in the life of Laura. I’m doing yesterday, because it was weird.

3:30-wake up because dogs are sleeping on me. Am I hungry or am I nauseated? I was a little low on calories yesterday…could be hungry…staying in bed.

4:00 -still hungry, this dog won’t stop sleeping on me, infinitely sore from yesterday’s workouts. Dogs get up to shake their ears or whatever noisy annoying thing they’re doing at 4:00 AM. Kick them out of bedroom and shut the door. Try very hard to go back to sleep and kinda succeed.

dog sleeping diagram

6:33-alarm goes off. Yes, I have to get up at an off time. It’s a quirk. Embrace me for it.

6:55-have done hair, makeup, gotten dressed, and packed food for the day. Out the door to work. Yes, I have this down to a science. No wasted time here!

7:15-parked car and walked in to my office. Throw food in fridge, oatmeal in microwave, and settle in to work. Early morning, I’m sending out failed URL confirmations, contacting schools, setting up new profiles for payment plan processing, and creating a document regarding the migration of our product from one platform to another.

8:30-have a flash of inspiration; check internal job board to discover that my dream job is currently posted at my place of employment. Dream job for me? Wellness coordinator. I’m going to have to work hard to convince them that I’m the lady for this job, but I really hope I can do it. This would be an amazing, amazing opportunity, and basically what I feel like I should be doing with my life. I have so many talented, driven friends in my life. I have two PR directors and the communciations director for our state as 3 of my best friends, and lately I’ve felt like I’m not putting forward the work to really be at the place in my career I know I could be. This would totally change everything.

dream job

12:15-settle an issue for a client and head out to the gym. First workout of the day? 30 minutes on the AMT trainer. It’s like an ARC trainer, and a cross between an elliptical machine and a treadmill almost. It always gets my heart pumping.

1:15-back to the office. Inhale snack at desk and immediately want more. Wait until 2:00 and make some popcorn in the microwave air popper of the gods.

Pretty awesome Christmas gift!

Pretty awesome Christmas gift!

2:40-leave work to cross town and make my 3:00 doctor’s appointment. It’s my final post op appt from my Nov 30 hysterectomy, and I have a list of questions to ask my doctor.

3:15-seen by the doctor. Cry a little. Ask questions and get sent to another doctor-though this isn’t really his fault. I’ll be crafting another blog regarding the referral, but I’ll say that I’m really going to “miss” this doctor. I see another practitioner in his office for my yearly exams but he’s done all 10 of my surgeries. We’re out of organs for him to operate on now, for the most part, so it’s going to be weird not seeing him every year to eighteen months. We had a good run, Dr H, but I don’t think I’m going to miss our yearly appointment in the OR.

4:00-head out for my run. I finagle a strange route that takes 3 miles and gets me to my pregnant friend’s house. Rake her leaves for her for approx 1.25 hours. Daylight is fading-run straight home for another 1.25 miles and make it home around 6.

this was raking her leaves LAST year...pile was about the same. But without the human we hid at the bottom for fun last year. Miss you, Erik!

this was raking her leaves LAST year…pile was about the same. But without the human we hid at the bottom for fun last year. Miss you, Erik!

6:00-start making Laursagne for Jeff. I’m basically Peggy Hill in this scenario. I like to turn my name into the name of the food I’m cooking. My naming conventions aren’t for everyone…

6:45-while dinner is cooking, inhale a salad and take a hot hot bath to soothe my poor muscles from the last 2 day’s exploits.

8:00-we sit down to some fantastic lasagne and property brothers.

8:30-foam roll on commercial break. Try not to scream. Fail miserably.

10:00-hop in bed, take melatonin, pass out.

So, that’s me. Super exciting, right? What’s that? Not so much? Yeah, it was Wednesday. Not terribly exciting. But that’s just a day in the life of a married Nebraska lady!

3 thoughts on “Day in the Life

  1. I love this! Not in the “I love every single thing you had to do yesterday” way because some of it made you cry…but chronicling your day with the random things and thoughts that come up. By the way, thank you for raking your pregnant friend’s yard. That was very kind of you…and a great reason to get outside.

    • I’d seen a lot of this type of post floating around lately, and thought “my day is boring!” But once you start writing it out, you realize every day is a special little snowflake-all unique and stuffs. And I’m here to be a friend to the child bearing however I can! Raking leaves, baking cookies, whatever-I’m here for ya. 🙂

  2. Haha I used to wake up at 5:23 to meet my running group. I totally get it! That early, 3 minutes makes a huge difference.

    Good luck applying for the job, it sounds absolutely fascinating, and girl it seems like you’ve certainly got the passion and drive for it!

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