Five Things Friday. Again.

There’s no need for introductions, I’m just diving right in.

1) I have a massage and a pretty important doctor’s appointment back to back Tuesday, and I cannot wait. At least for the massage. Jeff always says it’s like there’s two sticks poking out from my back-I carry so much stress in my shoulders, and I will stress FOR you. I worry too much, about everything, and hold it right up in my shoulder blades. I once had a deep tissue massage in which she could not move from a 6 inch spot on my shoulders/upper back and still didn’t even get the knots out of that area. It hurt SO BAD. I’ve read about this scraping phenomena, anyone tried it? I scream like a baby when I remember to use my foam roller, so I’m not sure I could hang with that.

2) I’m getting back to a consistent running speed, and I couldn’t be happier about it. I actually feel good running again, and that’s something I’ve been missing for almost a year now. Last year, most of my run training was stupidly done in the worst heat of the day, which was usually around 90. I thought I was “preparing myself” for my half Ironman. Spoiler alert: heat sucks. Because you run in it once, doesn’t mean it won’t suck again on race day. Might as well get your training in how you can, and not just during race day conditions.


3) Does anyone else wake up to their alarm in the morning and count down how many times they have to hear that blasted thing before the weekend? When I woke up this morning and realized it’s off for two days….bliss. Even better is that aside from a Superbowl Party Sunday afternoon, we have no plans this weekend. I used to be one of those girls that needed to be “out” every weekend, and I am now so excited about just staying home and all the simple pleasures that come with it. Maybe I’ll get started on planning our France trip!


4) If you don’t follow Mike at Running Around the Bend, you should. Very frank and insightful, and that man can run in sub zero conditions that make me cry like a little girl (if that wouldn’t just freeze the tears on my face). His post “Life is not full of unicorns and rainbows” really resonated this week.

5) It sounds like Saturday night, Jeff is cooking me his first authentic Shepherd’s Pie. With lamb meat. I’m excited to try it, I’ve really only had lamb one other time. I was just talking with friends on Facebook last night about the palate change you go through as an adult. There’s so many things I crave now that I HATED as a kid. I think some of it goes back to the fact that as a kid, my parents felt obligated to feed me vegetables, but didn’t really know how to prepare them. Things just got steamed, or boiled, or put in cream of mushroom soup casseroles. And none of that really tastes good to a kid-do you blame me for not loving grocery store deli cole slaw or steamed brussels sprouts as a 10 year old? Now I really appreciate both of those items when well prepared.

*Anything you used to hate eating that you  love now?

*Anything you used to love eating that you may have burned out on?


11 thoughts on “Five Things Friday. Again.

  1. Thanks for the shout out! Though you should note that it was your reply that prodded that particular post, though I share the discomfort at the ‘unreality’ of many blogger’s sharing of their lives.

    In terms of like/ dislike … when I was a teenager my mother had to do travel for work for a while and my dad started doing more cooking … and I discovered how wonderful cooked veggies could be. We had salads so I loved fresh, but my mom always used canned veggies which are awful. My kids have grown up on real foods.

    For the dislike, it is all that sugary stuff like cereal, cotton candy and so on. Ugh, can’t take it! I also have much less tolerance for processed foods and deep fried stuff.

    I read somewhere that while you should try to do at least one long run in conditions that mimic race day, doing more doesn’t prepare you better. Doing the one just lets you know how you will feel and prepares you.

    Good luck with the massage and doctor appointments! Are you guys hosting a party for the Super Bowl?

    • Bloggers inspiring bloggers…that’s what the community is all about!

      Canned veggies are the WORST. I will rinse and use canned beans and tomatoes are fine, but canned peas are just the most disgusting thing ever in my opinion. And I think Mom was a big fan of those in my childhood, so that explains a lot.

      I have been a BIG dry cereal muncher all throughout my life-and for a long time, it was the sweeter stuff. Now, if I crave it at all, it’s simple chex or cheerios. Still probably unnecessary carbs but a little less completely bad for you.

      We aren’t hosting the Super Bowl party this year, thank goodness. None of our friends are really big football fans, so we are actually going to an “anti superbowl party” where we will play games and only turn our attention to the TV for commercials!

      • That party sounds great – we are mostly there for the commercials and half-time show as well. Maybe board games would be cool to add to the mix!

    • I’ve seen HRG’s stuff, she’s actually where I started thinking about trying it! I am afraid that with as big of a weenie on the foam roller as I am, I’d just be way too uncomfortable with scraping.

      Brussels Sprouts are all in the preparation-we started our love affair about 2 months ago, so we’re still in the newlywed phase. 🙂

  2. If you’re the adventurous type, you should consider staying at a B&B in France that’s an old castle. We thought about checking this out when we were in Paris, but couldn’t make it work logistically. I think it was a few hours drive west of Paris. Oh yeah, I’ve been to Paris twice, so I’m an expert and a snob :).

    • Oh, Matt, you snob. We’re looking at maybe one or two nights max in Paris, and the rest is going to be wine country. Bordeaux, or Leon, or something similar. There’s this website we’ve had great luck with in the past,, where you basically rent an apartment, just a room, or a whole house from someone. There are SO many really nice France rentals there, and they’re all far cheaper than any hotel I’ve found! Now that I know you’re an expert, I’m sure I’ll have plenty more questions for you. 🙂

  3. Good for you for feeling good while running. I am itching to get back to that running “sweet spot” myself after taking some unexpected time off.

    I used to also need to be doing things on the weekends, and now I LOVE staying in and just chilling. Those are the best weekends.

    I am a lot less picky as an adult than I was a child. As a child I lived off of kraft mac and cheese and frozen chicken nuggets and French fries. Ha. Now, I love and crave vegetables (preferably roasted) and eggs (which I hated up until a few years ago). Progress! 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

    • Roasted vegetables were a game changer for sure-it just really imparts such an amazing flavor to the food! Nothing wrong with Kraft Mac & Cheese though-makes mouths happy, right?

      Getting back to my happy zone when running has taken about 5 weeks since I was cleared to work out again, and has been quite a struggle. At least now I’m not taking breaks as often, if at all, on my runs and I can commit to a short run on the treadmill once or twice a week-I previously would rather have died than done that! I know you’ll get there-you’ve had a lot going on lately!

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