Spill It Sunday-Posessions



Oh, Arman, you crafty son of a gun. This week is hands down the toughest Spill It so far. I actually noted the topic earlier this week and tried to start my blog, but nothing I could think of fit the restrictions: your 5 favorite things you own, anything with a pulse is ineligible. BUT, I love a challenge, so here we go: 

1) Engagement/wedding ring. It’s a symbol that I look at or twirl on my finger in times of stress; it reminds me that there’s someone who has my back no matter what. Jeff’s of Irish descent and so am I, so he chose a ring that means something to both of us: a claddagh ring. It’s an old Irish tradition and the position of the ring and which hand it’s on are supposed to signal your status. I love that we didn’t just go for the biggest rock we could find, but chose something with meaning. 



2) My bike! I spent more on this than I should have, and I’m still not very fast, but it’s a pretty awesome machine and we’ve been on quite a few adventures. Biking was the thing that really got me back into workouts and enjoying them-I can get on that thing and just ride and zone out for hours. This year I’m aiming for my first century ride, or 100 miles, and it’s far better when you’ve got a bike you love! 


Kona Jake-aka Orange Crush.

3) This one makes me pretty sad today-because I think it’s died. Heated blankets. We have 2-one I use on my couch when I’m hanging out, blogging, watching the tube, and one that fits on our bed. The one on the couch won’t turn on this morning and I fear I’ve lost her. This won’t work well, I’m going to have to get another one ASAP-these things are amazing. Put me right to sleep when it’s nap time, and honestly I think some of my harder workouts would leave me lots sorer if I didn’t have this heat on my legs to soothe my muscles.

4) My car. I drove my previous car into the ground, and really waited as long as possible so I could get what I wanted. Brand new Nissan Rogue. Slate gray, keyless entry and ignition, all wheel drive for these long Nebraska winters. I don’t drive much in the Summer, I’m a bike commuter girl, but I love having my car, and sometimes I still like just taking a drive when I’m stressed.


5) My house. Previously, I owned a house with my ex and the process of buying this home all by myself at age 30 was the last step I needed to take to break the ties and become fully independent. I was initially sad about leaving my old house, but once I got here and made it completely mine any regrets were erased. We live directly across the street from a major vein of our city’s bike path system, and I use it almost every day. Even though there’s a few things about the house we’d like to change, I don’t think Jeff and I will move from this house for a very long time. It’s got everything we need and want, and it’s quite simply our home.

***bonus item! Yes, this was hard, but once I started I can’t stop. Passport. I just got mine last year, and it enabled me to have the trip of my life across the ocean. With the recent changes in our lives, Jeff and I aren’t sure that we’ll have kids in our future. We never say never, but currently our hearts are set on making the most of our lives by traveling and seeing all those things we wanted to see growing up. 

So there you have it! Today I am debating my run or not-I’ve gotten in all the miles I need for my training program, but I feel the pull to only take one day off a week so I’d need to do “something”. I may try to take another rest day and see if my run tomorrow is stronger as a result. It’s pretty cold outside today and we’ve got an anti-superbowl party to attend. We’ll only be watching commercials, none of our friends are particularly big football fans. I’m pulling to watch the puppy bowl, though! 



4 thoughts on “Spill It Sunday-Posessions

  1. I can’t believe I FORGOT passports- seeing as I love travel and without it…yeah, you’re kind of screwed haha!

    My heated blanket died in the middle of Winter…I microwaved a tea towel as a poor substitute. Said tea towel burnt to a crisp.

  2. haha – microwaved tea towel! Lisa has two cloth bags filled with corn kernels that she can microwave for a few minutes that retain heat very well. We actually got rid of our old heating blanket a couple of years ago – definitely electrically unsafe. She had gotten it in high school … right between Carter and Reagan to put it in context!

    Also, I LOVE your ring (not that it should be a surprise given two of MY fave possessions!).

    Congrats on the house – obviously don’t know the specifics (NOMB 😉 ) but being independant is really important. My brother is divorced (finalized two months after their 25th … should have been 15 years earlier!) and just bought a townhouse on his own … and it is a big transition, and an important one.

    We had tons of problems having kids, weren’t sure if we ever would … so we did travel and weekends and shopping trips to Maine (outlets, LL Bean, can’t go wrong) and so on. As a result, by the time we DID manage to have kids (and with my wife very fortunately surviving the second one) we never felt like we missed out on anything, and had built a tremendous foundation. Regardless of what comes in your future, this investment in yourselves is priceless!

    • Thanks Mike! I have a few microwavable heating pads also from my days with Endometriosis-they just don’t offer the same effect my blankets do. I have no problem admitting that it was barely 6 hours between when my throw blanket “died” and when we got a new one!

      It’s so strange how when a relationship ends, your first instinct is to hold on to things like a house or other physical reminders-because they’re the only constant in a world that is very much changed. Once you get that perspective by stepping outside of that shared home and into one that is solely your own, it’s like night and day.

      I really feel like by freeing ourselves from time constraints on when it’s “best” to have kids by, we can focus on living our lives in a manner that fulfills us and exploring the world around us. Maybe at some point those interests will turn inward and we’ll find fulfillment in raising a child. Either way, I think we’ll be a happy couple.

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