Travel Log Tuesday #2

After yesterday’s heavy post, it’s time to take a lighter turn with today’s Travel Log Tuesday! I think today we’ll revisit our trip to Austin in December of 2012. My buddy Jen and I were on a bit of a crazy race kick the Summer of 2012 and pretty much anything that said “run”, “obstacle”, or “endurance” was fair game. We discovered the “Run For Your Lives” Zombie 5k series and HAD to participate. The only one that made sense to us was the race in Austin, so off we went. My husband had been dying to hit up the barbecue scene there anyways so it was a win/win. 

Our hotel was the Embassy Suites, and it was a pretty good deal. The 4 of us shared a room and had no trouble-plus, it was a full suite! Our room served as home base for everyone on the trip-our friends Bryce & Angela joined in on the fun but not the race. They had some friends to stay with but when we were deciding on dinner or chilling in the afternoon, our room was the place to be. 





And you can’t beat free breakfast!

First night we wandered downtown to see what their scene was all about. After we found dinner-we were starving if I remember right! Anyway, we ended up at this bar called the Chugging Monkey because my friend Angela has a thing for monkeys. Well, the bar didn’t live up to our standards so on a recommendation, we crossed over to the other side of downtown and found a really cool place whose name escapes me. 

The main event, the Zombie Run, was super fun! Getting there was a bit of a mess-traffic was brutal. Luckily, Jen and I found a way to amuse ourselves: 


yep, taking arty photos of ourselves in the rearview mirror.

The race itself was kind of a hybrid running event with capture the flag-we had flags around our waists and there were several areas where you had to race past zombies who could steal your flags. That determined if you “survived” at the end. Spoiler alert:


We TOTALLY lived!

It was lots of fun, and then we found these post race treats: 


en guard!

The rest of our trip was basically centered around food and fun. A few places we really enjoyed: Piranha Killer Sushi & Kung Fu Saloon. Kung Fu Saloon was kind of a hybrid bar/arcade and the sushi at Piranha was amazing! Jeff was super into this Johnny Cash bar, the Mean Eyed Cat. 



And the highlight of the trip for my husband, Franklin’s bbq. 



The food in Austin is amazing. Seriously. Magnolia Cafe South capped off our trip on our way out of town. GREAT breakfast. Go to there. Seriously. 



Austin has a great food truck scene and we didn’t really get much time to sample it while we were there. Jeff and I are thinking of going back to Austin someday soon-it just has a really cool, laid back vibe. We’d talked about getting out of Nebraska for Christmas this year-Austin’s on the short list of our cities to go celebrate in! 

9 thoughts on “Travel Log Tuesday #2

  1. Wow that just looks like a blast from end to end! I’ve never been to Austin but definitely want to at some point! Add the zombie faces and all the fun food … great fun! Loving this series – can’t wait for what comes next!

    Food trucks are something I still struggle with – because growing up they were the horrific ‘only if you are REALLY desperate’ things, but they have become quite the rage. We got some cool stuff from some on Cape Cod, NYC and WashDC on recent trips

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