Five Things Friday


Jumping right in today-not a lot going on but I found at least 5 things to yammer about! 

1) I had a massage this week and it was AMAZING. This girl is genius-she put a heated blanket on the massage table under the sheets and stuff. Why has nobody else ever done this before? Game changer. 

2) Had to head home from work early yesterday and spend the afternoon in our dark basement thanks to a migraine. I don’t get them often enough to go on medication for them, but they sure stop me in my tracks when they happen. This one was different-I haven’t had such extreme light sensitivity before. I was bummed to miss some work and a workout, but things get in the way sometimes. Feeling better today, which is a good thing because…

3) Its a bit cold for me here today (high of 11 I think), so I have to get in my 4 mile run for the day on the treadmill. I usually can only handle a max of 3 miles on the dreaded machine before I go crazy, so we’ll see how things go. Tomorrow is supposed to be my 6 mile run day, and with a high of 21 I’m going to bundle up and hope to go fast, because there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell I’m running that far on a treadmill. 

4) Bachelorette party weekend for my good friend Angela! Trying to decide if I want to do a few games with her or just let everyone enjoy their time out-we’re starting at a sushi bar and heading out from there. I’m such an old lady, I know we’re going to have fun but I’m worried about my stamina to stay out until 2AM! 


5) Our family got some sad news yesterday-my stepfather’s niece is losing her battle with cancer. She’s only 32 and has 2 small children. I’ve never met her personally, but the story is just incredibly sad. Please, everyone, hug your loved ones a bit tighter today. I also encourage you to pay happiness forward-give a compliment, ask how someone’s day is and mean it, and just be nice to each other. All the biggest loser controversy this week reminded me of one thing only: we all can be our own worst enemies sometimes, but there’s enough stuff out there to tear us down-its time to start building people back up. 

Have a great weekend! 

5 thoughts on “Five Things Friday

  1. Ugh – so sorry about your step-father’s niece. That s really rough – one of my best college friends lost his wife around that same age with two little kids. It is surreal looking back at the wedding pictures from everyone in our group and thinking … Annette is dead, and has been for 15 years.

    Love that card – my older son had an important essay due today, and decided on the snow day Wednesday he wasn’t happy with the approach … so he basically restarted and was up until the middle of the night last night.

    Enjoy the weekend!

  2. Sorry to hear that last news. Sending good vibes.
    Have fun at your wild party, I have to turn down most invitations as my single and non running friends like to party like they’re still 21 – staying out all night and such. Haha, I can’t believe how early I go to bed now!

  3. I’m sorry to hear about your step-father’s niece. It’s amazing how hard and yet fragile life can be. I’ll be sure to send my Hubby an extra dirty text today.
    I had a massage too last week (then again, you already knew that), and they used the heated blanket. Incredible. Game changer indeed.

    I take it you aren’t a fan of running on treadmills. 😉 My dad is the same way. It’s outdoors or bust for him, which means it’s always outdoors.

    • I’d say I’m the WORST at treadmill running…but it’s actually getting better! I did 4 miles on it again yesterday and it did not, in fact, make me stabby.

      I’ve had too many people I know losing loved ones lately…I don’t know why things like this come in groups but I feel so bad for everyone involved.

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