Work Out Wednesday

Hey! Remember me? I have been having a bit of a grumpy week so far, so I’ve held back from passing the frowning on to you. But it’s time to paste on my happy face and get moving, because we’re under 2 hours till I teach Boot Camp! What are we doing today, you ask? Why, let me tell you! 

It’s All in the Cards Boot Camp

5 minute run warmup

2 min cardio, 1 min strength move–we have 8 cards for each type, all with a different method of torture written on them. I’ll have my class call out a number combo and we’ll do those 2 exercises. What’s in the cards? Oh, burpees, star jacks, squats, you know. The usual. 

3 min running stairs


3 min stations. Your partner will be doing the mobile version of these while you’re doing the stationary: 

Inchworms/Plank Jacks

Walking Lunge/Plank

Frog Jumps/Bicycle Crunch. 

Run back across the room, switch places, repeat. When all teams have done all exercises, we’ll move on to: 

Side Squats/Jumping Jacks

Low Shuffle/Wall Sit

High Kicks/Lateral Raises

Down to the mat for some twists, crunches, and side planks, and we’ll call it a class! 


I’ve been running a lot more lately, mostly over my lunch hours. I put myself back together as best as I can, but I apologize to my coworkers for any extra aromatic experience you may be having. Just kidding! That’s perfume. It’s been hovering around 50 here, so I’ve gotten in some good miles. I don’t usually run this far in the first half of the week since I teach classes Tues/Wed, but it looks like tomorrow we’re in for some snow so I wanted to get the good running in while I could. Already up to almost 15 miles this week, which is amazing for me. Still working through some hydration issues, but I wore my hydration belt on my run today, and it didn’t bounce around as much, so that’s encouraging. I’d love to make it work because it also eliminates me having to carry my phone in my hand while I run, which is a pain in the rear. 

So that’s a workout Wednesday! Hope everyone’s having a good week and getting some good workouts in! 

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