Take a Little Trip With Me

Hop in our time machine as I take you back to the year..I’m not entirely sure. But I felt like doing a throw back Thursday post and I dig this old photo of me. So here we have it: 


Whitebeard the Pirate…Yarr!

Scandalous bathing beauty right there. I have no idea what house we were living in for this photo-we moved around a lot as a kid, but it looks like that could be my Grandparents house. I  had a thing about giving myself a bubble beard when I was a kid-that shit was funny. I still take baths to relax-I attribute my ability to run, cross train, and generally do my workouts as much as I do to my love of scalding hot bubble baths and my heated blanket that I use on our couch. Heat therapy works! 

-Do you have any favorite photos of yourself as a kid? Jeff loves that we keep finding photos of me trying to operate the vacuum at a young age-keeping up with my “wifely duties” even as a youngun! 

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