Five Things Friday








So, we’ll just dive right in, K? It’s Friday. I’m happy about it. You’re happy about it. Lets get to enjoying it! 

1) This is what happens when you put a dirty sock on a dog’s nose. Imagine lots of giggling too, cuz that happened. Bedtime at our house is interesting. 


2) We FINALLY got my Stridebox the other day! Jeff got me a 3 month subscription to Stridebox for Valentine’s day, and although it said it shipped on the 3rd, there was some logistical nightmare that just delayed my gratification. It’s full of runner nutrition stuff, so I’ll review it once I’ve had a chance to ingest some of this stuff. I am just now getting to the stage of running where my distance is long enough that I need to bring water and possibly some kind of energy stuffs, so it’s perfectly timed. 

3) I am working on a very frustrating project at work-the client is just hell-bent on belittling me at every turn. Making me VERY glad it’s Friday. 

4) This is EXACTLY how I look trying to navigate the slushy spots when I run-we’re finally warming up and melting our snow.  



5) We don’t have a ton planned this weekend-YAY! I am on kitty patrol for a few friends tomorrow, and we’ve got a housewarming party Saturday night. Tonight I think we’re chilling out and making pizza at home. Ah, lazy Friday night. I loves you. 

Have a great weekend! 


7 thoughts on “Five Things Friday

  1. Totally think that deserves one of those “How I THINK I look running through slush and snow / how I ACTUALLY look” things …

    That really sucks on the work thing – there is nothing more demotivating and draining that that type of behavior!

    Sounds like a great relaxing weekend! I am just hoping to get in some good running before the sub-zero temps arrive again next week!

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