Monday Morning Musings Again

Good Morning! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. Ours was fairly low key, with a fun party Saturday night to mix things up. Our friend had a fancy dress housewarming party. We have a few friends that are fantastic photographers, and it ends up with things like this being posted the next day: 

ImageYesterday, we spent the day at home being pretty low key. I spent a lot of time debating whether or not I should go for a run. I didn’t go-I’d promised myself 2 days off in a row and decided to honor that. It was a tough call, honestly-tougher than I thought. How many rest days do you take? I have been upping my mileage the last few weeks, and I’ve dropped a few pounds as a result. Since I’ve decided to refocus my exercise efforts primarily to running, I’ve become pretty obsessed with it. Last week I was so excited that I’d run 26.5 miles-just over a full marathon distance in 5 days. Not bad for the girl that usually hovers around the 10-15 mile mark. I think I’m going to keep this up and see where it takes me-and now I’ve got my cool stridebox goodies to try out! As long as I keep up the hot baths, foam rolling, and taking enough rest time I think I’m on the right track. 

Off to go host some testing sessions for a school! I have some running on the docket for today, 4-6 depending on if it’s outside or indoors. Have a great Monday! 

2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Musings Again

  1. Congrats on the mileage. I actually don’t schedule rest days. Rather I try to get to the gym four times a week. If it happens, great. If not, I’ll get there the following week. Don’t get me wrong; I love the gym, and I really love a kick ass workout, just not every day. It works for me.

  2. Great mileage and glad you are feeling good! I would like to say I don’t stress about it … but of course I do! I have actually been better about taking rest days the last couple of weeks – but I am always better when Lisa has a day off!

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