Hey, all! I’ve been a slacker blogger lately so I decided it’s time for you all to catch up with me. What better way than discussing all my current faves and obsessions? 

So what am I currently…

Reading? Just finished “Tell the Wolves I’m Home”. Just picked up “Me Before You” by Jojo Moyes. I’ve heard good things about it, so I’m looking forward to starting it! 

Workout? Running, running, and more running. It’s my jam lately, and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve dropped the last few pounds I’ve been working towards, I’ve felt more confident and better on every single run, and it far exceeds the happy I get from similar time in a gym workout! 

Feeling? A little nervous. Today’s my long run and I’ve had some IT band issues as of late wreaking havoc on my knee. Hoping for the best, needing to mentally prepare for the worst. 

Watching? Just got Jeff hooked on Brooklyn 99 last night, so I imagine we’ll run through all the episodes of that. 

Eating? Everything. So. Much. Food. Seriously. I really look forward to my afternoon popcorn, and I’m hoping to sweet talk Jeff into making me one of his amazing pizzas tonight. 

Looking forward to? Jeff’s birthday this weekend! We’ve got a wine pairing dinner at our favorite restaurant Friday night, and I’ve got dinner plans for us Saturday, his actual birthday. It’s about time my husband and I are in the same decade! 

generic charles smith wine dinner 12x18

That’s really all I’ve got going on! Have a fantastic Wednesday and I’ll check back in later this week to let you know how the knee is holding up. 

10 thoughts on “Currently

    • Thanks! Me too…this has happened before, so I’m not freaking out just yet. On the down side, I am usually pretty miserable after my run and my poor husband is going to have to watch me hobble around the house like a cripple all night pretty much the rest of this week. 😦

  1. Happy birthday to Jeff and the thought of a wine pairing just makes my mouth water!

    Hopefully your IT band issues are not serious … (reading ahead a little, will comment more in that post).

    We have watched a bunch of Brooklyn 99 – it was something my older son wanted to see so we ended up hooked. We have Hulu+ on our Roku so we don’t have to catch it live.

    Reading … I am just not keeping up. Should be done with Burial Rites by now, but always something else gets in the way!

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