The IT Crowd

Grumble grumble. Insert injured runner post here. My run last night was not pretty, but I did make 8 miles. Not the 9-10 I was hoping for, but 8 is solid. There was a lot of whimpering, and of course, there was a little situation where I had to pause at a stoplight for a moment, and when I went to start again my knee simply said no. I crumpled a bit, turned around, and gimped off the side of the road. And dude giggling at me in the front car at the light? Not. Cool. The pain is mostly on the lower outside of my knee, and by the time I stopped last night it was radiating up my thigh to my hip. I know it’s IT band syndrome. Thanks, karma, for giving the least patient and worst at resting person on earth the injury whose “cure” is rest. 



So what’s my plan? Well, I’ve got 8 more miles this week, and I’ll be damned if I’m stopping before that. So I’m doing all the stretching, icing, ibuprofen, and foam rolling I can, but I’m still planning on today’s lunch run. Soon-I’m going early to get it over with. If that means I’m a lump on the couch tonight, that’s cool. I’ve just been on SUCH a good streak lately and I don’t want to lose the changes my body has made. Rest is not a part of that just yet, and this weekend is too busy for me to try and squeeze them in then. 

Have you ever run with pain? What are the consequences? Have you ever watched “The IT Crowd”? I’ve seen a few episodes, but since I’m a tech team nerd now, I really need to give it another shot. 

15 thoughts on “The IT Crowd

  1. I have to say that one SURE way to lose the changes your body has made is to push it beyond its limits and REALLY injure yourself by needing knee surgery. Then you’ll be stuck on the couch for who knows how long? You need to listen to your body, not argue with it.

  2. I think you should probably rest it. It takes 2 weeks before you start to lose what you have built up. If you rest for a few days, you might be able to run again. I am stubborn too and hate taking time off, but it is definitely better for your body to heal before pushing yourself to new limits.

  3. Yep – with Lynette on this as well … rest is definitely key, and not pushing too hard. I know it sucks, but like everyone else has sadi – being more injured will suck worse! So sorry you are going through this – you were really tearing it up! But look at it this way – you have built up a great base so taking rest – and maybe doing some cross-training and other non-running stuff – will not be a big deal (says the guy not dealing with this 😦 )

    • It’s definitely easier said than done to take a step back! I did run over lunch and I went 4 miles pretty much pain free. It’s making me want to go back for another round after work, but I don’t want to push my luck too much either. Oh, the brain of a runner is a strange thing.

  4. It looks like I spoke too soon… Sorry to hear about your injury, although unless you’re training for a big event, you need to listen to your body and rest. Far better to take some days off than put it out of commission permanently. Sorry buddy.

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