Five Things Friday

WEEEEEEEEEEEEKEND! It’s finally here. I’m taking an early leave from work today to get some stuff done before this weekend-more on that after Saturday. I got secrets, yo.

1) So, Ashley posted a drinking kitty photo today. Rebuttal? Of course.

Got this photo from my brother while he was dogsitting. Foster drinks because Mommy leaves.

Got this photo from my brother while he was dogsitting. Foster drinks because Mommy leaves.

2) So I may have mentioned that part of my knee pain issue was that I was running on way overdue old shoes. I got new running shoes Monday night, after my 6 mile run left me with a bit of knee pain. They were simply this year’s model of my Saucony’s, so no big deal. BUT..I’ve only run in those babies 4 times now, and look what I’ve already done:

shoesYep, got bloody toe of doom yesterday so bad it soaked through my sock AND my shoe. And the best part? I didn’t even notice it had happened until I took my shoes back out of my gym bag last night. That’s hardcore!

3) Beyond excited for our wine pairing dinner tonight. I’ve got a new dress to wear (houndstooth yay!), Jeff’s stoked, it’s going to be a good time. Yay birthday weekend commence!

4) I ran yesterday like I’d threatened to…and it didn’t hurt. I’ve got a five miler planned today that will actually put my weekly miles to 30, an all time high. I’m going to keep foam rolling, keep doing some strength stuff, and hopefully this was really just a case shoes past their prime. The guy at our Running store told me that you’re supposed to replace every 4-500 miles…oops. I’m sure my last pair had nearly double that on them. I use so many different apps to track my exercise, and some didn’t get tracked, so I have been logging everything on mapmyfitness lately to stay on top of things. Hopefully having that log and knowing when I started running on these shoes will give me a better indicator of when to change out.

5) All the good TV shows came back from hiatus at just the right time, because we’re almost out of episodes of “Being Human” on Netflix. First world problem right there.

That’s life, folks! I’ll get a recap of our wine pairing up once my post-dinner food coma dissipates. Have a great weekend!

7 thoughts on “Five Things Friday

  1. I’m glad you got new shoes and you are having less pain!! A good place to track miles is too if you are looking for something to keep them all together. I ran into the same problem you have because mine were on a garmin, runkeeper, or just not logged at all.

    Foster’s drinking pic is adorable!!!

    Have a great dinner…wine paired dinners are the best! Yummo! Can’t wait for the pics and recap.

    Happy Friday!

  2. Love the dog pic!

    Crazy on the shoes – but I have heard a lot of complaints about the annual Saucony update – though it seemed to vary from model to model (i.e. for Kinvara men didn’t like, women did), etc.

    Hope you guys enjoy your night out – sounds like a blast. Both our kids have a school dance, so we have to decide what WE are going to do tonight. Probably not as exciting as your wine-pairing!

  3. Yikes! At first I thought you spilled red wine on your shoe haha maybe that’s because I am drinking that right now? New shoes are amazing. I always feel like I am running on clouds the first few times. Have fun at dinner!

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