Spill it Sunday-Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

Good Morning! Hope everyone’s having a fantastic weekend-I know I am. More on my weekend later, I managed to actually keep a secret and throw my husband a surprise birthday party last night. He knew something was up, of course-he’s no dummy, but he went with it and I think he had a great night. We’ll talk about that tomorrow, but for now, it’s time to Spill It Sunday with Arman! Today we discuss a guilty pleasure of mine-Reality TV. 

Selfie that’s not a selfie but really just a picture of me I think is cool? OK! 



1. What is your favourite Reality TV show? Well, that’s a tough question. I like too many to admit. My first reality TV love was MTV’s the Real World. Before it got relegated to hot tub hookupville, it was actually kind of interesting and the premise was enough, people didn’t have to attention whore it up by actually whoring it up. These days, though, I really like Project Runway. It was a show I resisted at first-I’m no fashionista, I can’t sew at all, so I didn’t know what appeal it would have for me. But the show hooked me and I love seeing what people can come up with. Plus fashion designers are pretty full of drama, so that’s a plus. 



2. What competition reality TV show do you think would be your best shot of winning? I’m good at travel but terrible at asking strangers for help or directions, so I think the Amazing Race is out. And I am a grade A jerk when I don’t get fed at regular intervals, so I’d get kicked off Survivor in no time flat. I can’t remember any recipes and my cooking experiments are middle ground at best, so all food related competitions are out. See above for why I won’t win Project Runway. Are there still “Name That Tune” types of competitions? I have a fantastic memory for recognizing a song in like 2 notes, so anything like that I would clean up. 

3. What is the worst reality TV show competition out there? The Bachelor, hands down. I tried to watch one season, and made it through maybe 2 episodes. It was just so embarrassing-these women all just sure this piece of meat was their soul mate and clawing each other to get to him. Have some dignity, ladies! 



4. A reality TV show you’d never admit to watching but secretly enjoy? Well, that means I’d have to admit it, Arman, you tricky devil. I’ve seen some seasons of MTV’s The Challenge I probably shouldn’t have watched but couldn’t help myself. There, my dirty secret is out. #shameface

5. Which reality TV star do you find has accomplished something? There is a group of Survivor alumni who have been pooling their winnings for good. I know Ethan Zohn is one of them, but I can’t remember who else. They created a soccer foundation that helps bring clean water to impoverished countries, and I think that’s just great. 

6. Worst Reality TV show? Anything Kardashian related, housewife related, or generally just encouraging rich people to act terribly. 



That’s a wrap! I’m going to go find some breakfast, I’m starving! Have a great Sunday, I think we’re going to have another lazy one. My fave! 


6 thoughts on “Spill it Sunday-Truth is Stranger Than Fiction

    • I tried to watch SYTYCD once because the girls at work love it. I made the mistake of telling the client I was visiting that I was going to watch it in my hotel room-she was a HUGE fan. Long story short, I couldn’t tell the good from the bad and couldn’t watch the show, but she thought I was a fan, so every time she emailed me I had to poll my teammates to find out what my opinion was on whatever dancer she was talking about. Oops!

  1. I could never get hooked on any of the Dance shows. We did watch some American Idol for a few years, but that got boring. Will sit through a song or two of Voice if it is tolerable …

    And I love your image on the Bachelor. Never watched any of those shows …

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