Happy Birthday Honey!



Saturday was Jeff’s birthday-he’s finally 30! OK, I say finally because as some of you know, I’m a dirty cougar who’s a few years older than my husband. To be fair, I joke that he’s an old man at heart, but the fact remains. Now we’re finally in the same decade of life. Poor guy seems to have gotten the worst gift you can get for your birthday-a head cold. But lets back up to his actual birthday and the shenanigans that went on. 

Saturday Jeff and a few buddies went to the shooting range to do some damage. He didn’t know I’d arranged this trip to get him out of the house so I could cook for the night’s surprise party-sucker! Just kidding. They had a great time-here’s one of their awesome targets: 



I got all the taco fixings put together and delivered to the party house and collapsed into a hot bath to clean up for the party. I told Jeff we were going to his favorite Mexican restaurant and that our friends were coming along. When we got to their house, though, this is what happened: 



Yup. He was totally surprised. He told me later he had some suspicions something was going on, but when he got home from the shooting range and there weren’t 20 people in the house waiting for him, he just figured he was wrong and we were really going out for dinner. We ate, we drank, and everyone had a good time. Surprise party WIN! Now I just have to fear what happens in 4 years when I have a major birthday of my own….




7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Honey!

  1. You are a terrible person! All the trickery! And you made my best friends help you! I was actually completely surprised and to set the record straight, La Paz is not my favorite Mexican restaurant, it’s just the only one I’ve ever gone to with you. That’s why I love it. Thanks for the awesome surprise party. Love you!

  2. Sounds wonderful (in spite of his complaint above 😉 ). My wife is a ‘cougar’ as well … a whole 6 months older than me! Great job with the surprise!

    • I am a TERRIBLE secret keeper and we had this going on since January, so it’s really amazing that I didn’t blurt it out at some point. I’ve got 6 YEARS on Jeff, but that’s OK-we seem to make it work! 🙂

      • Well look at it this way – with each passing year it matters less and less. Now it is just funny as we’re both in our late 40s.

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