Travel Log Tuesday: A Tale of Two Cities

Good Afternoon! I have a lot of catching up to do, since I was MIA for the weekend. I’ll get to my birthday soon enough-WIAW is pretty much the best way to explain how I spent my birthday, since it’s all about the food anyway, right? Today, we’re going to talk about an important decision we made this weekend. 

As some of you know, travel is a big deal for Jeff and I. When I had to undergo hysterectomy last Fall, one of my mental trade offs to definitively cutting off the having kids thing (at least biologically, effectively making it a decision we can make when the time is right, not rushing to beat nature) was that we’ll get to travel and see the world. That’s a big deal to me. Some good friends and family members have gotten to live abroad, visit exotic locales, and that’s one of the things I want most for my life. I want to see the world. I want to eat my way across Europe. I want to see things I thought I’d only read about in books as a kid. Our tentative plan for this year was France, and we’d thought that the air travel prices would be similar to when we booked our honeymoon to Ireland last year. 

Wrong! Turns out, flight prices were nearly $1000 more this year than last year. And it wasn’t just France. I started trying to make compromises. Greece, Germany, Spain, all of them were within $100 of that same too-high estimate. We were faced with a decision: overspend on this year’s trip and have to take money out of savings to supplement our tax return/bonus money we’d budgeted, or scale down our plans. Jeff’s made a really big decision this year to pursue his degree, and to take a turn in his chosen path and study something he’s dreamed about for years: astrophysics. That’s going to take tons of focus and dedication on his part, and I’m already proud of him even though classes haven’t even started yet. But keeping that in mind, as well as the fact that we both need new computers, new smart phones, and our house has a few things on the wish list that would make daily life at home much better. I’ve been watching WAY too much HGTV lately. Love it or List it, Property Brothers, House Hunters if I’m in a pinch. It all sucks me in and makes me want to remodel the crap out of our house. So you can guess what decision we made. 


We’re going to stay in the states this year. We’re thinking with a slightly decreased budget we can still make 2 nice trips in the US this year. We’ve got a list of places we wanted to go together, and in just throwing suggestions out there, we’ve come to a few tentative destinations: Savannah, GA (as seen above-gorgeous!) and Portland/Seattle. The dream of the ’90’s is alive in Portland, right? Still up for debate and depending on the financial situation, we could potentially end up in Chicago, NYC, San Francisco, or Austin, TX instead. I think that although it makes me slightly grumpy to give up the Parisian dream for the year, it makes sense. Trading off to make live at home more enjoyable the other 350 days of the year we’re still at home and NOT on vacation makes it worthwhile to adjust our expectations for the few days we are on vacation. 

So, while I’m pretty excited about our destinations, nothing’s set in stone yet. Jeff can’t really travel until September-his busy season at work starts now and won’t let up until the weather does. So, have you taken any Fall trips you’ve simply loved? Anywhere else we need to put into consideration? 

I’ve got plenty of fun stuff to talk about the rest of this week-review of my Stride Box, the awesome new CW-X pants Jeff got me for my birthday, awesome eats, and silly puppy dogs just to name a few. For now, I’m going to get back to my Tuesday-take care! 

7 thoughts on “Travel Log Tuesday: A Tale of Two Cities

  1. Acadia National Park near Bar Harbor, Maine, is a MUST! It is amazing in the fall. You both would love the foodie bistro pubs and funky shops. And the hiking in Acadia Park will fill your soul. It’s so cool to go hiking through the colored fall foliage right next to the ocean. In fact, it solves that mountains or beach dilemma – it’s both!

  2. Now that my Hubby is back in school full time, I can absolutely relate to this post. Thus far in our lives, we have opted not to have children and we thought that meant we could travel the world. Instead we’ve done some major renovations on our house and now with him in school, travel will be limited to things stateside. I still wouldn’t change a thing though.
    Enjoy Savannah. It’s supposed to be absolutely beautiful.

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