Wednesday Eats-WIAWish

So, last Friday was my birthday. You probably knew already, I’m kind of a big deal. Anyway, I decided to take a 4 day weekend and reset myself-I’d been a bit grumpy lately at work. It was a GREAT idea, and I think I’ve recentered my perspective. I spent my time running, napping, eating, and got in a nice, relaxing, head-clearing walk Saturday afternoon. 


Bad photo, but also the best in motion shot I’ve ever gotten. I’m a talented gem.

Woke up Friday morning when Jeff’s alarm started going off for work-mind you, that’s around 7:30 so it was probably time. Sat around and nursed some oatmeal and a cup of coffee for a while and perused the interwebs. Decided to tackle my run for the day around 10-10:30, and it was a rough one. I’d worn my new CW-X pants for my long run Thursday evening (10 miles-yay!), and they kept my stupid knee pain free for the whole run. Friday? Oh, around MILE 1 it started hurting. My knee has but a few degrees of feeling-kissed by angels, what’s that twinge, and poked by devil’s trident. I can usually tell how bad things are by how quickly the pain radiates up into my hip. Hip pain came in around my turn around point at 2.5. However, stubborn Laura doesn’t back down. I wanted 2 things: my third 30 mile week in a row, and to have Saturday and Sunday “off” or as my rest days to properly enjoy myself. So I made it. Got home, cleaned up, and headed out for a pedicure. Excellent decision. All my runner girls can surely relate to that feeling when a pedicurist is working when you actually wonder if your nail will come off in their hands. Had a couple close calls (in my mind, I’m sure nothing was actually moving) and then came out with some delightfully smooth feet and pretty purple toenails. 

Met up with Jeff and Lynette for some Indian style lunch. I cannot find a photo of my food, so I guess it was good. I had a bowl of muligatawny soup and chicken tikka bread. It’s basically like an Indian pizza, and it’s awesome. I showed enormous restraint and ate only half of the bread, with the intention of stopping at the fro-yo place nearby on my way home. Turns out, no more fro yo place. Bummer, but my tummy was probably OK without it-though I now have a fro-yo craving I’m going to have to take care of soon. I don’t know what was the matter with me, but I got home, tried to hop on the couch and watch Scandal, and promptly passed out for about 90 minutes. HARD. I was so sleepy, even though I’d slept in! Guess the 15 miles in like 18 hours drained me. Got up and ran a brief set of errands (do I know how to party on a birthday or WHAT?) and then it was time to get ready for birthday dinner! 

One of our favorite restaurants in town is Henry’s On South. I called on the way home from lunch to get a reservation, and was totally crushed when he said they were full! Shame face-I totally pulled the “oh, no, it’s my birthday!” card. Um, we got in. 🙂 Their menu has a few staples and a few rotating spots each month. The feature this month was crab cakes and slaw, and it was AMAZING. 


So good, we may have to make another trip this month before they get pulled from the menu! Another awesome thing about Henry’s is that they keep bringing you a little bowl of olives to snack on in between courses. Yeah, we had two-OK, I had most of 2. After dinner we found room for my favorite dessert: Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart. 



Had a few drinks with friends and then headed home to these guys: 



If you see two dogs and a netflix screen, you’re right! Monday capped off my birthday weekend with a swedish/deep tissue massage hybrid, and yesterday I could still feel all the little sore spots in my back where she had to work out some knots. She also did a lot of good, painful work on my IT band, and yesterday’s 5 miles was pretty pain free. 

*So, does anyone else sing to their pets? Or is it more like does anyone NOT sing to their pets? I take a little container full of dry rice chex to work every day (yeah, it’s weird, but whatever), and the dogs always beg for a piece when I’m filling it at night. The sound of them crunching cereal cracks me up. It may have it’s own theme song. 🙂 

*Any good Netflix suggestions? We’re running out of bedtime TV shows we can agree on. 


7 thoughts on “Wednesday Eats-WIAWish

    • Smart call-we haven’t really missed it! We share Netflix and Hulu with some friends-they pay for one, we pay for the other, passwords are exchanged…we don’t miss out on much this way! I think I’ll have some fun series for you to give a shot when you make the switch!

    • I’m kind of a horrible American…we tried the first episode of House of Cards and the whole time, I was just sitting there going “UGH! Politics!” I may be the same person who watches Scandal pretty religiously. Hypocrisy, thy name is Laura.

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