Think About it Thursday

I’ve realized I’m a bit of a whiny blogger-I really only write when I have something to complain about. It’s almost like I want to hold the good things close to my heart, and the bad things I share with the world to ease the burden. That’s a flowery, philosophically mushy way to make “whiner” sound like a good thing. 🙂 

Today, I’m just feeling kind of disappointed in the world. Overstating things again, but it seems like everywhere I look, lifestyle shaming abounds. Are you gay? Plenty of people to renounce your lifestyle and tell you why what makes you happy is WRONG. Not having kids? You don’t even KNOW what life’s about. Into plushies? Whatever’s your thing, man. It just seems to me like the internet gives passive aggression a platform. So much easier to spew your true feelings when you’re shielded by anonymity. 

I don’t judge. I don’t care what’s right or wrong, really-if you’re not hurting someone intentionally with your lifestyle, then do your thing. It just seems like hate has found its medium, and that makes me sad. Why do we care so much about what people do behind closed doors? Maybe it’s because our casual circles have gotten wider with Facebook. You know what that guy from math class 20 years ago is doing. You know what that girl from your hometown ate for lunch. It’s really easy to get judgey when presented with a million lifestyle choices of others every day. So how do we stop it? How do we learn to just let others live their lives? I imagine it’s a conscious effort to not engage in those discussions. To stop that kind of thought when it enters your brain. To know what kind of person you want to be, and then actively pursue being that person. What do you guys think? 

OK, I’ve gotten pretty deep today. To lighten the mood, here’s a picture of a new product I found and must have: 

Bathtub + Wine+Duncan coming over to say hi=Disaster. Bathtub+Wine+Suction cup hook? Life is good. 


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